MMS Peddlers Are Full Of Arrogance And Devoid Of Empathy

The MMS war continues and even though we have had great success exposing and prosecuting BLEACH quacks the fight to end MMS ABUSE continues.

Last Sunday we exposed Irish MMS peddler Frank Carey.

I reported Carey to the Irish authorities back in 2014. Patricia Devlin of the Sunday World went undercover and caught Carey selling MMS BLEACH red handed.

Read her great exposè here.

Bleach peddler Carey below.

Carey makes his own MMS, see bottle below.

The Irish authorities are investigating Carey as we speak.

Jim Corr of Irish pop band the Corrs is a documented conspiracy theorist, he spews anti vaccine nonsense and promotes quack treatments, see Jim to right of photo below.

Jim promoted and used MMS, see screenshots of Corrs posts about MMS below.

Jim advertised websites that sold this toxic bleach, one website he advertised was, see below.

I googled this website, it was taken down but I found information about it in the internet archives.

I also found a sister site for US customers called

The contact details for these websites led to a man called Christian Pankhurst.

His phone number and email were listed along with MMS products for sale and information about Jim Humble.

These MMS websites seemed to operate between 2009/2011.

The websites also mentioned someone called Roel.

See screenshots of Christian Pankhursts MMS websites below.

Pankhursts MMS shop was investigated by Trading Standards but he denied this on the phone to me.

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