Anti Vaxxers, MMS Quacks,Would Be Right Wing Politicians All Involved In A Targeted Harassment Campaign

I am an activist and campaign against quack treatments like MMS BLEACH, Anti Vaccine nonsense and cults like Scientology.

I have been raising awareness and reporting quacks to the Authorities for many years now.

I have been subjected to ongoing harassment because I speak out.

My campaign work has led to MMS being banned in Ireland in 2016.

However MMS protocols are still at large and vulnerable people and Autistic children are being experimented on with this toxic bleach product.

Now I am being sued by two individuals mainly because of a video I made highlighting the links that exist between the Sovereign/Freeman movement and the promotion of MMS.

I am fighting this case against me and do not accept anything that these individuals are saying about me nor their bizarre demands.

Last year I fell upon some posts by Anti Vaxxers in a closed Facebook group.

These posts were talking about a plan to take me down, a plan to silence me.

The comments from these quacks were pretty vile, see them below.

The minute I learned about this recent court case against me I found more posts discussing my upcoming case, these were penned by individuals from the same gang.

They were discussing the two individuals who are suing me and were celebrating.

As soon as I caught them out they swiftly removed their comments but I took screenshots.

These comments were displayed in the Irish Anti Vaccine group VAXXED Ireland.

See these quacks discussing me below.

See some more anti vaccine conspiracy quacks comment about my case below.

I was in court last Tuesday the 28th of August, the case wasn’t fully heard and has been adjourned until September 21st.

None of the motions against me were granted.

However you wouldn’t believe the mob of quacks and anti vaxxers connected to the comments on Facebook who were present for my court case.

There was a woman present who I reported back in 2014, she told me to give MMS BLEACH to my Autistic children.

Read about her here.

Also there was a ‘Psychologist’ noted for her promotion of VAXXED and other quackery along for the ride.

Then there were the very nasty looking men gaping at me, one I believe to be part of the so called polictal party Direct Democracy Ireland.

All these quacks, anti vaxxers and far right would be politicians were all there to intimidate a Mother, a campaigner who only wants to end the vile abuse that Autistic children are being subjected to.

These freaks, rather than speaking out against Autistic children being fed poison, being forced to endure burning bleach enemas seem to prefer to support those who have me up in court in an attempt to silence me.

Some of these people are also linked to the Sovereign/Freeman movement and think they can abuse the courts with their pseudo-laws.

They really are a nasty bunch and I would be lying if I said I did not feel intimidated by this quack mob, especially because most of them consisted of big sweaty men or small angry men.

Why are these people so incredibly threatened by a housewife, a Mother to five children.

I knew what I was up against, however my eyes were opened even more when I met these creatures in the flesh.

It is much more than MMS now.

I will fight this with all my might and believe me these attempts to silence me will backfire dreadfully.

I see how ignorant and uneducated these people are and I know logic and justice will win in the end.

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