Four years ago I reported Irish parents who were administering the toxic bleach product MMS/CD to their Autistic children to the relevant Authorities.

I have begged for updates, however I do not know what happened to these parents or their poor Autistic children who were forced to drink MMS/CD BLEACH and forced to endure burning bleach enemas.

Learn more about MMS here.

Some of these parents were health professionals.

I am sharing screenshots from closed MMS/CD Facebook groups.

These Facebook groups were eventually shut down after multiple complaints.

Some of these posts/images are upsetting.

Please see list of Irish MMS/CD Autism members we found in Kerri Riveras Facebook group CD Autism below.

Meet Paediatric Nurse Karina Flatley.

This is all from a registered Nurse.

Next see comments from Sharon Nolan.

Then we have Caroline Lynskey-Galvin.

Then we have Evvana Loughran.

I am adding some more posts from Irish users, remember I’ve reported these people to child protection and the police.

This is just a handful of posts by Irish parents who were administering this toxic bleach to their Autistic children.

Please see Gardai respond to my concerns way back in 2014 below.

The National Bureau Of Criminal Investigation took statements back in 2015 but I’m still waiting to see if any action will be taken regarding this abusive practise.

Please see my submission to the Childrens Rights Alliance voicing my concerns about MMS ABUSE below.

Please see some more vile posts from MMS abusers below.

I have been campaigning against MMS BLEACH for nearly five years now.

My campaign work has led to MMS being banned in Ireland since 2016.

I am disgusted with the lack of action by our government and the Authorities who are meant to protect our children.

The MMS/CD Protocol is child abuse FACT.

Where is the OUTCRY?

Where is the JUSTICE?

I will leave you with snippets from a phone call I had with an Irish Naturopath who wanted me to poison my Autistic children with this BLEACH back in 2014, listen to this lunatic here.



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