Scientology CULT Ireland Getting A Big Cèad Mìle Fàilte From Irish Organisations, Charities, Politicians And More

Scientology opened their ‘community’ centre at Firhouse Dublin last October 2017.

Scientology is a dangerous cult posing as a religion, it is noted for its abuses, exploitation, experimentation, threatening and manipulating behaviour.

Scientology was founded by L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer who dabbled in the occult.

His books helped build one of the most insidious cults known to mankind.

Hubbard was a bigot, a racist, anti LGBT and called the disabled degraded beings.

Listen to Hubbard spew hate about those with mental health issues here.

Hubbard was also a quack and said he could cure diseases and conditions with his bogus courses, supplements and the superpowers you can attain if you reach the top of the Scientology ladder.

His writings are nothing more than the ramblings of a mad man, it would be funny if it was make believe but sadly it is not.

Learn about what Scientologists believe here, here and here and here.

I campaign against the Scientology CULT because I see how dangerous and destructive they are.

I have been threatened and abused by members and staff from the Scientology community centre at Firhouse Dublin.

The founder of the Genesis II Church Jim Humble was once a Scientologist, Humble and his groupies tell vulnerable people that they can cure diseases and conditions like Autism with their toxic BLEACH product MMS.

My campaigning has led to MMS being banned in Ireland since 2016.

Scientology is anti-science and anti-psychiatry, they do not view Autism as a real condition.

Scientology have many front groups which they use to prey on vulnerable people with, one is CCHR, read about them here and here.

CCHR Ireland have shared posts on their Facebook page about Autism, they spread misinformation and harm, see below.

Margaret McNair is a Scientologist and operates CCHR Ireland, see her defend anti- vaccine fraud Wakefield below.

It is hard enough trying to stop this cult from spreading but what we do not need is politicians, charities and community groups supporting them.

The Scientology community centre at Firhouse Dublin lures people in by offering the public free events, these events are marketed mostly for children and families.

Free Santa Claus, Winter Wonderland, Easter Bunny etc.

You name it Scientology has done it.

Scientology like to brainwash children from a very young age, they say they can audit babies from birth.

The Scientology community centre at Firhouse Dublin is not a normal community centre, it is not a neutral space.

It is filled with Scientology propaganda, Hubbards books, pictures, interactive cult material drapes the walls and corridors.

They offer rooms at bargain rates to suck people into their cult.

If I were to rent a room at a hotel to host a concert or a meeting that room would be a neutral space, there would be no religious/cult propaganda grabbing my eye and that of my guests.

Scientology is using the public and those who rent their venue to advertise their dangerous propaganda.

The photos shared from organisations and groups that use this Scientology venue are all smeared with Scientology propaganda.

The Irish Filipino community are continuously using the Scientology Firhouse venue for their events.

I have asked them why they do this and they say it is because Scientology offer them a cheaper rate for room hire.

I explain that it’s wrong supporting this cult but they do not seem to care.

Groups from the Irish Indian community are also using Scientologys facilities.

Scientology publish photographs of their children at these events on their Facebook pages.

Some Irish politicians have also attended events which were held at the Scientology community centre Firhouse, Mayors and Councillors have also attended.

One Mayor told me that he was accosted on the way out of the Scientology community centre at Firhouse Dublin after he spoke at an event there, he was given Scientology literature which he threw in the rubbish bin.

What worries me is that others who are handed this same literature will choose to not throw it away but instead spark an interest in this cult.

The events at the Scientology centre Firhouse are created for the sole purpose of recruiting people into their cult.

Any other venue would not have their wares displayed, literature and books for sale, Hubbard propaganda displayed on T.V screens. It’s bound to stir interest in some peoples minds, Jesus, they are surrounded by Scientology cult propaganda at this ‘community’ centre.

Of course some people will sign up for Scientology, how can they escape it when it’s being rubbed in their faces.

Any group, charity, organisation, politician using the Scientology venue are placing the public at risk of this cult.

A percentage of guests attending events at the Scientology community centre at Firhouse Dublin will join this cult fact.

We already know that young people from Firhouse Dublin have joined this cult.

I want to draw your attention to a recent event at the Scientology community centre at Firhouse Dublin.

It was a very large event where hundreds of people attended.

It was a multicultural dance competition with pop idol singer Jessica Sanchez.

MelG productions organised this event, this event was also a fundraiser for the Irish Cancer Society.

Now I know smaller groups, organisations have been using the Scientology venue at Firhouse but I was horrified seeing the Irish Cancer Society at this cults workshop.

At first I thought it wasn’t legit and quickly investigated.

I contacted the Irish Cancer Society who were not sure but after further investigation they sadly confirmed that it was true.

Scientology believes that Cancer can be cured with bogus quack treatments and Scientology teachings, they even blame Cancer patients for contracting this awful disease, accusing them of ‘pulling’ it in.

I thought how could the Irish Cancer Society host a fundraiser at this cults centre?

The Irish Cancer Society knew about this fundraiser back in July and were fully aware of it being held at the Scientology building at Firhouse, you would think that would have set alarm bells ringing but it didn’t.

In fact the Irish Cancer Society even sent a spokesperson along to this event which took place on the 8th of September.

The Irish Cancer Society was presented with a cheque for 1000 euros on Scientologys stage at Firhouse.

My complaint to the Irish Cancer Society was dealt with by Justine O’Donnell.

She admitted that they did know about this fundraiser and that they did not investigate it properly.

I wanted the Irish Cancer Society to make a public statement but after my phone call today with Justine I do not think that will happen.

Please see email from Justine O’Donnell of the Irish Cancer Society below.

Here is a message I received from Melissa of MelGmedia events and productions, the people that chose Scientology to host their event below.

Here are some more screenshots from the Scientology community centre with the people and organisations that support them.

See Charlie O’Connor Fianna Fàil Councillor supporting events at the Scientology community centre at Firhouse Dublin below.

Judges Amanda Brunker and Maura Walsh who attended the Irish Cancer Society fundraiser at Scientology centre Firhouse below.

I find it very strange knowing that most of these individuals know well what Scientology is but choose to take a cheap room over the safety of vulnerable people, especially children.

Scientology plan to open their bogus drug rehab facility Narconon in Ballivor Co.Meath in the near future and we see the GAA taking money from this cult and our concerns falling on deaf ears.

Surely we all have a responsibility to protect society from cults, quacks and frauds?

I will keep speaking out, keep trying to protect our children from the Pied Piper and his evil offerings.


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