Journalist Working For Belfast News Media Site Endorsing Dangerous Quackery And Struck Off MMS BLEACH Doctor Magee

I campaign against quack treatments especially MMS BLEACH.

I am being sued for speaking out against this abusive practise.

I was coming home from my court case last Friday when I saw a post on Facebook.

It was penned by a journalist called Jilly Beattie, she works for the News Media site Belfast Live.

Jillys post was promoting dangerous misinformation and blatant quackery!

See Jilly Beatties dangerous post and comments in screenshots below.

Jilly had posted an article she wrote back in November 2015, read article here.

See some paragraphs of her reckless article below.

This article discussed the struck off doctor ‘QUACK’ Finbar Magee, read more about Magee here and here.

I reported Magee to the General Medical Council because he was prescribing MMS BLEACH as a ‘treatment’ for Autism.

RTE Primetime did a documentary exposing this doctor, watch here.

Magee still endorsed MMS even after being struck off.

Magee also offered unproven and bogus Cancer protocols, Intravenous vitamin C and more.

Jilly Beattie published this dangerous misinformation knowing that Magee was giving BLEACH to Autistic children, she did not even mention this in her puff piece.

Beatties article was shared last Friday 21st September, I commented on it asking her not to put vulnerable people at risk, especially children.

She did not respond.

I notice that the Cannabis advocate Charlotte Caldwell has worked a lot with this jounalist also. Charlotte did not address my concerns either.

I rang Belfast Live and voiced my concerns, I was told to contact the editor Chris Sherrard.

I contacted Chris who basically did not seem to care.

He even told me he was editor at the time of Beattie publishing this dangerous quack piece.

See my conversation with editor for Belfast Live below.

I looked at this journalists Facebook page and found other quack posts, one saying vaccines cause dementia and another saying Breast Cancer can be prevented by doing an Armpit Detox, see below.

This is reckless and dangerous misinformation and I cannot understand how a News site would allow a journalist to even work for them sharing such misinformation.

We are trying to protect the vulnerable from charlatans and unproven quack treatments.

What hope do we have when journalists and News sites are promoting pseudoscience like this.

I feel that my complaints will fall on deaf ears.

I will keep speaking out.

I will keep trying to protect children from unscrupulous quacks!

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