Irish Quacks/Anti-Vaxxers Slander And Threaten Campaigners And Plot To Silence Those Who Protect Children From Dangerous Quackery

I campaign against quack treatments, cults and the anti-vaccine movement.

I have helped prosecute quacks who peddle MMS BLEACH, learn more here.

I think the public should see the faces of those who are trying to silence me.

Those that planned an attack on me last year.

Some are Homeopaths, some parents, all of them anti-vaccine and supporting dangerous and unproven quack treatments.

Meet Claire Calvey, she says she writes for a magazine called Galway now.

Last night she commented on a post from a man who has posted many abusive and defamatory blogs and videos about me in recent years, he shared a document about Psychopathy, anonymously written as usual, see below.

The usual quacks commented on this bizarre post but Calvey said this document was about me, see her comments below.

Calvey is part of the anti-vaccine movement in Ireland and helped bring Wakefields anti-vaccine CULT VAXXED to Ireland last year.

See some other comments Calvey made about me last year, she talks about my diagnosis and is obviously discussing it with the woman who first diagnosed me in 2013.

I went on to discover that this female ‘psychologist’ was not fully qualified and promoted anti-vaccine propaganda and quackery, I got a second diagnosis from a REAL doctor not long after.

This FAKE psychologist is breaching the data protection act by sharing my personal details with these quacks, see below.

I will be reporting Calvey to the magazine she writes for.

Then there is Ann Monaghan.

Ann initiated a planned attack to take me down last year.

Ann Monaghan is a registered Homeopath.

See some of Monaghans comments from last year below.

Then Ann posted a few months ago, commenting about my ongoing court case.

Her fellow quacks joined in, see below.

Meet Roma Rosborough, another registered Homeopath.

Roma also joined in on this planned attack last year, she tried to prevent me speaking at the European Parliament about quack treatments and the anti-vaccine movement.

See Romas comments below.

One person says I should be put down whilst talking to Roma.

Please see some more vile comments from these people below.

Margaret Fox Lennon runs a large group on Facebook called DCA Warriors, it’s meant to be about helping parents get supports for their Autistic and disabled children.

Truth is Margaret supports the anti-vaccine movement and quack treatments, learn more about Margaret here.

This is just a small portion of the ongoing abuse that I receive on a regular basis.

Now I am in a position where certain individuals are trying to censor me, they are even threatening friends of mine on Facebook.

I will NEVER be silent.

I will continue to speak out and protect vulnerable children from Charlatans and deranged individuals like the ones mentioned in this blog.




Quack Jewell Is Still Experimenting On Autistic Children And The Vulnerable With Banned, Unproven And Unregulated Products

I have been reporting quacks and their abusive and dangerous scams for many years now.

One of the worst quacks is Amanda Mary Jewell.

Read about unscrupulous quack Amanda Mary Jewell here, here and here.

Amanda Mary is from the UK but is hiding from UK Authorities, I believe she is now residing in Belize.

She peddles a vast array of quack treatments including MMS BLEACH, unregulated and banned blood product GcMAF and more.

She also likes to play Doctor and Surgeon as seen in the cover photo for this blog.

Amanda Mary Jewell has NO medical background whatsoever, she is known for partaking in multiple property scams in the past. She then decided to jump on board the quack train.

She joined the Genesis II Church cult and her career as a quack began and she is still reeking havoc as we speak.

See her with Genesis II Church cult spokesperson Mark Grenon below.

See some of her videos here, here, here and here.

Amanda Mary has abused and bullied me for many years, writing vile defamatory blogs and even targeting my children.

I refuse to share these disgusting blogs but you can learn more about her abuse in my video here.

See some Facebook messages Amada Mary sent me a few years ago below.

I tried to stop an Irish woman giving Amanda Marys quack treatments to her seriously ill Mother, she had Cancer.

Sadly this woman never listened to me and her Mother died.

See some screenshots of Amanda Mary Jewell exploiting this woman below.

I see that Amanda Mary Jewell is still experimenting on vulnerable people and Autistic children in her secret Facebook group GcMaf Oracle.

This group has 7,722 members.

Amanda Mary sells illegal and dangerous products to seriously ill people and parents of Autistic children.

These products are being shipped to all corners of the globe including Ireland.

One Irish man asks about dangerous banned product GcMAF for treating Alzheimers, see below.

What is more heart-breaking is seeing little children being experimented on.

A Father of a six year old Autistic boy is starting him on a quack protocol created by Amanda Mary Jewell.

This poor child will be injected with this unproven, dangerous and banned unregulated blood product GcMAF.

He will have to take some oil made by this quack also.

See the Father discuss this in this secret Facebook group below.

Amanda Marys QUACK protocol below.

See some of Amanda Marys vile posts in this group below.

This quack should be arrested and charged for crimes against the vulnerable.

I live in hope that one day this will happen.

Do Not Buy The HPV Vaccine On Trial

Do not buy the book ‘The HPV Vaccine On Trial’

It is penned by Quacks who are spreading misinformation about the life saving HPV Vaccine which protects against Cervical Cancer.

One of its Authors is a woman called Eileen Iorio.

I have been campaigning against quack treatments for five years now, Eileen Iorio was heavily involved in promoting unproven and deadly quack treatments, ‘treatments’ that claim to treat and even CURE Autism.

Eileen advertised Quacks that offered MMS BLEACH, Chelation and more.

She hosted a seminar in Ireland in 2014, see below.

One quack she endorsed was Anne Darcy, Darcy told me to give the toxic bleach product MMS/CD to my Autistic children, listen to snippet of Darcy telling me to do this in an undercover phone call I had with her in 2014, hear this quack talk here.

Read more about Darcy here.

She promoted Paul Shattock, another quack who claims that milk causes Autism.

Another is Dr Stewart, he offers Chelation as a treatment for Autism and other conditions.

Chelation is not approved for Autism, it’s only approved for Lead poisoning.

Chelation is very dangerous and has killed Autistic children, read here.

The FDA have warnings about Chelation and other quackery, read here.

Stewart advocates other quackery also.

I reported him to the Irish Medical Council but they did nothing.

Read more about Stewart here.

Eileen operated a secret Facebook group which encouraged parents to use these dangerous quack treatments on their Autistic children.

It was called Recovering Our Kids Ireland.

We managed to attain some posts from her group before being booted, see Eileen Iorio promote quacks and quack treatments below.

These quacks and this book should not be given a platform as it poses a risk to public health.

Autism is NOT a disease or a vaccine injury.

Cervical Cancer KILLS many women and the HPV Vaccine will prevent these deaths.

I beg you not to purchase this book or endorse it, help us keep society safe from the clutches of these unscrupulous charlatans.

Thank you.

Celebrities Complain About Scientologys Views On Autism Whilst Supporting And Using The Same Quack Treatments Scientology Endorse

I campaign against quack treatments especially those being used to ‘treat’ Autism.

Autism is not an illness, disease or vaccine injury.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that needs acceptance and safe and proven supports.

Two of my five beautiful children are Autistic.

Some unproven quack treatments that Autistic children are forced to take include the toxic bleach product MMS (Master Miracle Mineral Solution also known as CD (Chlorine Dioxide), learn more here.

Our campaign work has led to MMS being banned in Ireland since 2016, however MMS is still available in Ireland and all around the world. Parents are not being prosecuted for abusing their Autistic children with BLEACH.

Please read letter I recently received from the DPP (Department of Public Prosecution) below.

Peddlers of MMS receive tiny fines if prosecuted at all.

There are many other quack treatments being given to Autistic children which are coupled with bogus restricted diets.

Autistic children are subjects of experimentation and are suffering awful side effects from this quackery.

Sadly there are many bogus quack treatments being marketed, learn more about this ignorance and abuse here.

Celebrity ex-scientologist Leah Remini contacted me recently on Twitter regarding her outrage towards Scientologys views of Autism.

She had reached out to me after reading a blog I wrote about Scientologys front group CCHR. CCHR call Autism a Myth, see below.

Of course this statement is woefully incorrect and hurtful too, Leah and I spoke on the telephone for an hour about this.

She told me about her friend Holly Robinson Peete and mentioned that she was involved in Autism Advocacy.

Hollys name rang a bell but I wasn’t aware at the time of speaking with Leah how bad this bell was.

She told me that Holly had read my blog and was horrified to learn about MMS BLEACH and what Scientology were saying about Autism.

Leah said that she and Holly wanted to help our campaign exposing Scientology and the quackery surrounding Autism.

I was so pleased to hear this, any support with our campaign means a lot to me and my colleagues.

Leah asked me to write another blog highlighting all we discussed including how Scientology have abused and threatened me, most commonly known as ‘fair game’

I did write this blog as Leah requested, it took a lot of hard work, my writing and campaign work is all carried out on a voluntary basis whilst being a busy Mum to five children, time is very precious to me.

People can read this blog here.

I managed to get the blog written and published in a few days and I sent it to Leah on Twitter.

Leah said nothing about my blog but this, see below.

Everything that she had suggested I put in my blog was now not needed, in fact Leah didn’t share my blog at all but only a few lines with my screenshot where Scientology/CCHR call Autism a Myth, see below.

Leahs few lines could not inform people about what CCHR represents, nor could it convey their anti-psychiatry propaganda, their endorsement and use of quack treatments like Chelation and more.

My blog explains in depth how dangerous Scientology and their front groups are and gives detailed information about all the issues Leah and I discussed over the telephone.

How a simple tweet could explain it is beyond me, it seems that Leah had swiftly changed her mind.

I then saw Holly Robinson Peete retweet Leahs Tweet with my screenshot, I was tagged in this tweet.

I did some research into Holly Robinson Peete after my call with Leah.

Holly is good friends with anti-vaccine quack Jenny McCarthy, another celebrity who spreads lies and misinformation about vaccines and Autism.

Jenny promotes dangerous quack treatments and even says they can prevent Cancer and Neurological disorders.

Jenny advocates Chelation as a treatment for Autism, Chelation is NOT approved for Autism and has killed Autistic children.

Jenny also advocates HBOT ( Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) as an Autism treatment, again NOT approved for Autism and comes with serious side effects.

Holly Robinson Peete has an Autistic Son, she believes vaccines caused his Autism and has been spreading misinformation with Jenny on many big talk shows, she has written a book and penned articles stating same. Holly is an actor and well known celebrity with great influence, she also runs a charity for Parkinsons and Autism called HollyRod.

Holly is not only spreading misinformation about vaccines with Jenny McCarthy and other quacks like Jerry Kartzinel but she is also advocating unproven and dangerous treatments for Autism, these include Chelation, HBOT, Vitamin B therapy and more.

See some of Hollys quotes below.

Leah Remini told me that Holly is her best friend, I messaged Leah to alert her to Holly supporting anti-vaccine nonsense and the dangers that it brings to children. I told her about the deadly quack treatments Holly used on her Autistic Son.

Being Hollys best friend I’m sure Leah would be aware of what Holly is endorsing. Holly isn’t shy about this, she has been on Oprah, the Larry King show and other talk shows discussing this quackery.

I sent Leah FDA warnings about Chelation and HBOT, I also decided to call Leah on the phone as she was not looking at the information I was sending her on Twitter, instead she supported what Holly did to her Autistic Son, see below.

I spoke to Leah one last time over the phone and I said it’s hypocritical to speak out against Scientology whilst not having any issue with her best friend endorsing the very quack treatments Scientology endorse.

I asked Leah what her views were regarding vaccines and Autism and she said she didn’t know.

Leahs vagueness about vaccines and lack of concern regarding her friend advocating dangerous quack treatments and anti vaccine propaganda really worries me, I discovered that Leah is friends with Jenny McCarthy too.

Leah would not listen to me on the phone, I told Leah I was recording our call because I felt this was extremely concerning, Leah hung up on me and blocked me on Twitter.

I was left confused and in shock!

Here was a very famous celebrity running a show to expose the dangers of Scientology yet only wanting to expose what suits her and her celebrity quack friends.

In fact the only real issue they have with calling Autism a Myth is that it would make it harder for the likes of Holly and Jenny to garner support for their misinformed and dangerous quests.

I believe that Holly Robinson Peete was fully aware of what I campaign against and I feel Leahs intentions were not genuine at all.

The day after Leah and I last spoke I was in the car collecting my children from school.

My phone rang, it was Leah Reminis lawyer in Los Angeles.

His name is David Matlof.

He was asking me if I was recording his call and did I record Leah Reminis call, he was interrogating me without any explanation.

Leah Remini set her lawyer on me, why?

Is it because I discovered her quack friends?

Listen to segment of my call with Leah Reminis lawyer here.

I campaign to protect children from quacks and cults, I expose all who are involved in this quackery.

I do not care if they are a famous actor or celebrity.

I will speak out against anyone who is experimenting on their child with unproven and dangerous treatments.

It is sad and unusual that Leah Remini chose to ignore my concerns and instead tried to silence me with Hollywood lawyers.

Now what does that remind you of….