Do Not Buy The HPV Vaccine On Trial

Do not buy the book ‘The HPV Vaccine On Trial’

It is penned by Quacks who are spreading misinformation about the life saving HPV Vaccine which protects against Cervical Cancer.

One of its Authors is a woman called Eileen Iorio.

I have been campaigning against quack treatments for five years now, Eileen Iorio was heavily involved in promoting unproven and deadly quack treatments, ‘treatments’ that claim to treat and even CURE Autism.

Eileen advertised Quacks that offered MMS BLEACH, Chelation and more.

She hosted a seminar in Ireland in 2014, see below.

One quack she endorsed was Anne Darcy, Darcy told me to give the toxic bleach product MMS/CD to my Autistic children, listen to snippet of Darcy telling me to do this in an undercover phone call I had with her in 2014, hear this quack talk here.

Read more about Darcy here.

She promoted Paul Shattock, another quack who claims that milk causes Autism.

Another is Dr Stewart, he offers Chelation as a treatment for Autism and other conditions.

Chelation is not approved for Autism, it’s only approved for Lead poisoning.

Chelation is very dangerous and has killed Autistic children, read here.

The FDA have warnings about Chelation and other quackery, read here.

Stewart advocates other quackery also.

I reported him to the Irish Medical Council but they did nothing.

Read more about Stewart here.

Eileen operated a secret Facebook group which encouraged parents to use these dangerous quack treatments on their Autistic children.

It was called Recovering Our Kids Ireland.

We managed to attain some posts from her group before being booted, see Eileen Iorio promote quacks and quack treatments below.

These quacks and this book should not be given a platform as it poses a risk to public health.

Autism is NOT a disease or a vaccine injury.

Cervical Cancer KILLS many women and the HPV Vaccine will prevent these deaths.

I beg you not to purchase this book or endorse it, help us keep society safe from the clutches of these unscrupulous charlatans.

Thank you.

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