Quack Jewell Is Still Experimenting On Autistic Children And The Vulnerable With Banned, Unproven And Unregulated Products

I have been reporting quacks and their abusive and dangerous scams for many years now.

One of the worst quacks is Amanda Mary Jewell.

Read about unscrupulous quack Amanda Mary Jewell here, here and here.

Amanda Mary is from the UK but is hiding from UK Authorities, I believe she is now residing in Belize.

She peddles a vast array of quack treatments including MMS BLEACH, unregulated and banned blood product GcMAF and more.

She also likes to play Doctor and Surgeon as seen in the cover photo for this blog.

Amanda Mary Jewell has NO medical background whatsoever, she is known for partaking in multiple property scams in the past. She then decided to jump on board the quack train.

She joined the Genesis II Church cult and her career as a quack began and she is still reeking havoc as we speak.

See her with Genesis II Church cult spokesperson Mark Grenon below.

See some of her videos here, here, here and here.

Amanda Mary has abused and bullied me for many years, writing vile defamatory blogs and even targeting my children.

I refuse to share these disgusting blogs but you can learn more about her abuse in my video here.

See some Facebook messages Amada Mary sent me a few years ago below.

I tried to stop an Irish woman giving Amanda Marys quack treatments to her seriously ill Mother, she had Cancer.

Sadly this woman never listened to me and her Mother died.

See some screenshots of Amanda Mary Jewell exploiting this woman below.

I see that Amanda Mary Jewell is still experimenting on vulnerable people and Autistic children in her secret Facebook group GcMaf Oracle.

This group has 7,722 members.

Amanda Mary sells illegal and dangerous products to seriously ill people and parents of Autistic children.

These products are being shipped to all corners of the globe including Ireland.

One Irish man asks about dangerous banned product GcMAF for treating Alzheimers, see below.

What is more heart-breaking is seeing little children being experimented on.

A Father of a six year old Autistic boy is starting him on a quack protocol created by Amanda Mary Jewell.

This poor child will be injected with this unproven, dangerous and banned unregulated blood product GcMAF.

He will have to take some oil made by this quack also.

See the Father discuss this in this secret Facebook group below.

Amanda Marys QUACK protocol below.

See some of Amanda Marys vile posts in this group below.

This quack should be arrested and charged for crimes against the vulnerable.

I live in hope that one day this will happen.

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