Irish Quacks/Anti-Vaxxers Slander And Threaten Campaigners And Plot To Silence Those Who Protect Children From Dangerous Quackery

I campaign against quack treatments, cults and the anti-vaccine movement.

I have helped prosecute quacks who peddle MMS BLEACH, learn more here.

I think the public should see the faces of those who are trying to silence me.

Those that planned an attack on me last year.

Some are Homeopaths, some parents, all of them anti-vaccine and supporting dangerous and unproven quack treatments.

Meet Claire Calvey, she says she writes for a magazine called Galway now.

Last night she commented on a post from a man who has posted many abusive and defamatory blogs and videos about me in recent years, he shared a document about Psychopathy, anonymously written as usual, see below.

The usual quacks commented on this bizarre post but Calvey said this document was about me, see her comments below.

Calvey is part of the anti-vaccine movement in Ireland and helped bring Wakefields anti-vaccine CULT VAXXED to Ireland last year.

See some other comments Calvey made about me last year, she talks about my diagnosis and is obviously discussing it with the woman who first diagnosed me in 2013.

I went on to discover that this female ‘psychologist’ was not fully qualified and promoted anti-vaccine propaganda and quackery, I got a second diagnosis from a REAL doctor not long after.

This FAKE psychologist is breaching the data protection act by sharing my personal details with these quacks, see below.

I will be reporting Calvey to the magazine she writes for.

Then there is Ann Monaghan.

Ann initiated a planned attack to take me down last year.

Ann Monaghan is a registered Homeopath.

See some of Monaghans comments from last year below.

Then Ann posted a few months ago, commenting about my ongoing court case.

Her fellow quacks joined in, see below.

Meet Roma Rosborough, another registered Homeopath.

Roma also joined in on this planned attack last year, she tried to prevent me speaking at the European Parliament about quack treatments and the anti-vaccine movement.

See Romas comments below.

One person says I should be put down whilst talking to Roma.

Please see some more vile comments from these people below.

Margaret Fox Lennon runs a large group on Facebook called DCA Warriors, it’s meant to be about helping parents get supports for their Autistic and disabled children.

Truth is Margaret supports the anti-vaccine movement and quack treatments, learn more about Margaret here.

This is just a small portion of the ongoing abuse that I receive on a regular basis.

Now I am in a position where certain individuals are trying to censor me, they are even threatening friends of mine on Facebook.

I will NEVER be silent.

I will continue to speak out and protect vulnerable children from Charlatans and deranged individuals like the ones mentioned in this blog.




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