Bleach Quack Kerri Rivera Is Still Poisoning Autistic Children Via Multiple Groups/Pages On Facebook

Kerri Rivera has been torturing Autistic children for many years now, learn more about this BLEACH witch here, here and here.

Campaigners managed to get her main BLEACH group ‘CD Autism’ shut down on Facebook earlier this year but she has created many other Facebook pages and groups which all advise parents on how to poison their Autistic children with BLEACH.

Rivera also tells parents to take away important food groups from their Autistic childrens diets, no fruits, carbs are allowed.

Rivera says fruit hinders the effects of MMS/CD BLEACH!

These ‘parents’ have no problem poisoning their Autistic children with BLEACH but are worried about the foods that they believe may interact with this toxic BLEACH product MMS/CD.

These parents are forcing BLEACH into their Autistic children orally, they are also making their children endure burning bleach enemas.

Autistic children suffer awful side effects from ingesting this BLEACH, these include vomiting, fevers, liver and kidney failure, burns on skin, shedding of intestinal tissue and more.

Some parents are even injecting BLEACH into their Autistic childrens mouths whilst they are sleeping.

Please see some of Riveras Facebook groups starting with Kerri Rivera, see here.

Another is KetoKerri, see here.

Another is Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism With Kerri Rivera, see here.

Rivera also has pages on Facebook, see Kerri Rivera here.

Then there is Keto Kerri, see here.

Then there is Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism, see here.

Then this BLEACH monster has her own personal Facebook page and other secret groups so I’m told.

All Kerri Riveras pages and groups advocate child abuse.

This promotion of child abuse must be stopped and we have created a petition to try and achieve this.

Please sign and share our petition here.

I will leave you with some posts from Kerri Riveras multiple Facebook groups/pages.

See Kerri Rivera with one of her victims below.