RACISTS Show Their True Colours!

I am a campaigner and speak out against quacks and racism.

I was on the radio recently regarding my concerns about the rise of the Far Right in Ireland.

I am used to trolling from quacks online but I was not prepared for the vile abuse I would receive after my interview on Corks 96 fm radio.

I first started to receive prank calls from a blocked number, they said an advert had been placed with my number offering rooms to Refugees for Christmas.

Then a blog was published on Reddit with a photograph of my home, details of my address and telephone number.

It was shared on Twitter by two trolls who have abused me in the past, they support giving MMS BLEACH to Autistic children.

See them share this blog in screenshots below.

I then gave another interview on 96 fm after this blog was published.

This is when the racists got extra nasty.

A Youtube channel uploaded both of my interviews.

There are nearly 700 comments in total abusing and threatening me, wishing me death, calling me and my Autistic children retarded and more.

Most of the comments come from people in Ireland but there are some from other Countries too.

I am also receiving abuse on Twitter and on my Youtube channel.

This is because I am against racism and support Refugees.

There are many Far Right groups in Ireland and they are growing, some groups supporting a message of hate are IREXIT, Grand Torino, Generation Identity and many more.

Generation Identity are the worst, watch recent documentary that exposes these Nazis.

I am going to leave you with some of the comments from these despicable people.

I am sad seeing so much hatred and ignorance but this bullying and intimidation will not stop me speaking out.

In fact it proves that my voice is important, the fact that these cowards go to these lengths clearly highlights how pathetic they are.

Please share this blog and alert the world to this HATE.

I hope that one day these people will see the light and learn to love again.

I will leave you with this song

See comments in screenshots below.

Quack Jewell Defames And Attacks Anyone Who Dares To Expose Her Scams

Amanda Mary Jewell is one of the most vile charlatans I know.

I have exposed her abusive behaviour many times and reported her to the Authorities in the UK and beyond.

Jewell sells unproven, unregulated and dangerous quack treatments to vulnerable adults and Autistic children.

Some of the quack treatments include the toxic bleach product MMS, unregulated blood product GcMAF, bogus Stem Cells and more.

I have seen vulnerable people take Amanda Mary Jewells quack treatments, they walk away from professional care, some of these people have serious diseases, sadly I have seen some of these people die.

Jewell charges thousands of pounds for her quack protocols, she is presently hiding in Belize because the UK authorities have a warrant for her arrest.

She is a dangerous and heartless woman who should be behind bars.

Jewell has abused me and my family for some time now, she has published vile defamatory blogs and has incited people to come after me.

However Jewell seems to have lost the plot in the past few days.

I believe this is because her quack colleague David Noakes was jailed for 15 months due to manufacturing and selling GcMAF, the same unregulated blood product that she sells.

I want people to see the mindset of these quacks and how crazy and dangerous they can be.

I did report Noakes to the Authorities because he was experimenting on Autistic children with an unproven, unregulated blood product.

Amanda Mary is obviously scared and she should be, she can’t run and hide forever.

I have been campaigning against MMS and other quackery for 5 years, I do this on a voluntary basis.

The abuse I get from quacks and their supporters is something else but the latest comments do concern me.

I will leave you with some recent posts to read and maybe people will understand how deluded and dangerous these quacks can be.

I will keep fighting to protect children from this vile ABUSE.

Amanda Mary Jewell watch this space QUACK!