Orphanage In Ghana Run By American Religious Charity WAMM Poisoning Disabled Children With MMS BLEACH!

I am a campaigner and campaign against quack treatments and the charlatans that peddle them.

One of these quack ‘treatments’ is MMS.

MMS is a toxic bleach product created by a cult called the Genesis II Church.

MMS is NOT approved for any health condition and is banned in many Countries including Ireland where I live.

Learn more about this toxic BLEACH scam here, here and here.

My friends and I have found an orphanage called HOMe ( House Of Mercy) in Ghana where they are administering this toxic bleach product to severely disabled children.

The orphanage is run by a religious American based charity called WAMM (West African Mercy Ministries)

Brian and Debbie McIntyre founded WAMM in 2005, see them below.

WAMM is a registered charity and Brian seems to be collecting a nice salary, to the tune of $72,000, see in screenshots below.

See how happy Brian is with his fat salary below.

WAMM has board members and directors, one of them is Jim Ferwerda. Jim is president of WAMM, he is also a teacher in Wisconsin, see in screenshots below.

The HOMe orphange is run by Ghana representatives of WAMM William and Priscilla Deku, see them below.

Priscilla is in charge of the ten babies and children in this orphanage which is in Accra Ghana.

The babies and children in this orphanage have serious health issues and disabilities.

These include HIV, Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus and more.

These are vulnerable children that need and deserve proper and safe care.

Priscilla seems like a nice and caring lady, see her below.

However she has a responsibility to make sure that these vulnerable babies and children receive safe and proper care.

Priscilla has put these vulnerable children at risk, she has invited the Genesis II Church BLEACH cult into this orphanage.

In December 2018 Priscilla brought a ‘Bishop’ of the Genesis II Church to HOMe.

Bishop Barima aka Stephen Oduro entered this orphange armed with the toxic bleach product MMS.

He said he was here to help these children, he called them the Genesis II children.

I believe he was accompanied by Mark Grenon of the Genesis II Church.

Barima had MMS on his person and gave this poison to Priscilla Deku.

He showed her how to make it, he told her how to administer it.

He said the children should drink it regularly and also have baths of MMS BLEACH.

He also advocated an MMS spray.

He said it would transform these childrens lives.

Priscilla jumped up and down with delight at the thought of BLEACHING these vulnerable children.

Barima was then brought into a room where a severerly sick baby was lying on a mattress.

This baby is called Michael, Michael has Hydrocephalus and was screaming and crying and frothing at the mouth.

Barima poured the burning MMS BLEACH liquid into this seriously ill babys mouth.

It is probably one of the most awful things I have ever seen.

See some disturbing images from video footage of these events below.

As I write this blog I discovered that Barima has deleted all videos from his Youtube channel. There were four uploads including the two videos of his trip to this orphange, see in screenshot below.

Luckily I dowloaded these two disturbing videos, you can watch them here and here.

I believe these videos have been removed as a direct result of my complaints to Brian McIntyre, Jim Ferwerda and WAMM.

I spoke to Brians assistant Alicia, she must have alerted Brian, see her below.

Alicia also contacted Jim Ferwerda, Jim emailed me late last night.

Jim did not help me with my concerns but instead accused me of being a scammer, see below.

I tried so hard to contact Brian at his US number but I had no luck.

Eventually I found an African number for Brian, I called it today and I was so pleased when he confirmed that it was he who I was speaking to.

I thought the founder of this charity WAMM, a holy man would take my concerns seriously but no I was wrong.

Brian didn’t offer me a chance to explain this serious issue, he just yelled “It isn’t true” and hung up on me.

This is from the founder of a charity that helps disabled children.

I was shocked!

I rang back two more times and again Brian hung up on me.

WAMM obviously has something to hide. They must have got in touch with the Genesis II Church BLEACH Bishop and ordered him to remove any trace of a connection to their orphanage.

Listen to Brian Mcintyre hang up on me here.

I rang Bishop Barima who is actually based in Holland, Barima sells his BLEACH scam home and abroad.

I spoke to Barima undercover but lost it at the end of our conversation, listen to this vile BLEACH quack admit to poisoning babies at the orphanage in Ghana here.

See Barima in screenshots below.

See Barima poisoning children below.

This is the most horrific abuse carried out by individuals who claim to work under the guidance of god.

They are receiving huge donations and enjoying fat salaries and more.

These vulnerable children are already suffering and to see unscrupulous charlatans poison these babies with burning BLEACH makes me physically ill!

I had assumed when I first learned of this horror that the charity WAMM were unaware that the Genesis II Church had infiltrated their orphanage in Ghana.

However I believe that they are aware and are desperately trying to bury this serious issue.

We hope that the children at this orphanage will be rescued.

We are fighting for you…


If there is anyone that can help us report and expose this abuse please contact me.

Thank you.

Fake Facebook Profile Mary Phelan Leading Targeted Harassment Campaign Against Me

A Facebook profile called Mary Phelan reached out to me on Facebook last August.

She quizzed me about a court case I am involved in and asked me many personal questions about my case.

I blocked her and did not engage with her/it any further.

In October I received a bizarre and concerning message on Facebook from one Lynn Bachhuber, see this crazy message below.

I had no idea who this person was, her Facebook page looked like it was a fake account.

Her twisted comments concerned me, especially comments regarding my family.

I thought it was a troll and ignored.

On November 16th something very sinister happened, I received a card from Lynn Bachhuber in the post, it was posted from Portland Oregon US.

See this weird card below.

Again this stranger apologises for the hurt she has caused my family.

This scared me, how did this person get my address?

I had only been living at this address for eight months when I received this card.

My friends and I did some research and found a Lynn Bachhuber in Portland, she has a criminal record, see her below.

I was obviously freaked out when I saw this and I made attempts to contact her family.

I found her Father Stephen on Facebook and sent him a message, see below.

Stephen never replied, I also tried some telephone numbers I found online but I could not reach this family.

I moved on and hoped that I wouldn’t hear from this person again.

On January 27th I received an email from Lynn Bachhuber, again creepy and apologising, see this email below.

Lynn states that a Mary Phelan had told her to send me a card from America and also says that Phelan gave her my personal email address.

This really concerns me as I knew Mary Phelan had trolled me on Facebook regarding my court case in the past.

I replied to Lynns email demanding information about Mary Phelan and asked what she was up to.

Lynn was not forthcoming with information, I then decided to message a few relatives of Lynns Father Stephen on Facebook.

His Son in law replied and I shared my contact information with him, he said he would get Lynns Father Stephen to contact me.

Stephen did contact me but his email brought no clarity to this horrible situation, see below.

His daughter has been stalking me, harassing me and linking in with this troll Phelan on Facebook.

I rang Stephen Bachhuber, his number was listed at the bottom of his email.

We spoke for 15 minutes and his response was awful, he blamed Autism for his daughters behaviour, Lynn came on the phone and she sounded perfectly aware of what was going on.

He also knew about this harassment back in November and never bothered to notify me, he knew about his daughter stalking me, talking about my children, sending me the card and even knew about Mary Phelan.

He told me all correspondence with his daugher and Phelan had been deleted, he did not want to help me.

His daughter has all my personal information and this does not concern him.

Our call ended. Not long after I received another email from Lynn with a so called deleted post of Mary Phelan, Phelan gives my home address, emails and telephone number and even my unlisted husbands number to Lynn Bachhuber, see Phelans post below.

I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Not only had Phelan given out my address and told this unstable Woman to send me a card, she contacted her again recently and gave her my email address.

Mary Phelan has also been sending threatening emails to my friends who have supported me throughout my court case.

Phelan is garnering people to harass me and is even exploiting Autistic people with her hate campaign.

I have a good idea of who Phelan may be, Goldfraud comes to mind.

I will find you Phelan and we will have our day in court.

If anyone has any information regarding Mary Phelan please contact me.

Thank you.