Meet Some Of Anti Corruption Ireland (ACI) Supporters

ACI (Anti Corruption Ireland) is a new group trying to establish itself as a political movement here in Ireland, they promote dangerous conspiracy theories and quackery.

Based on their many Youtube, Facebook and Twitter posts it is safe to say they are anti-vaccine and anti-choice for womens reproductive rights.

They are heavily critical of the LGBT movement, Muslims and immigrants.

They are the Irish far-right!

Failed Presidential election candidate Gemma O’Doherty is the leader of ACI.

Learn more about Gemma here, here and here.

Hear Gemma talk about banning life saving vaccines here.

ACI have started to tour Ireland in a bid to garner candidates for their movement.

They’ve had one meeting in Meath in recent weeks and were due to host meetings in Cork city and West Cork this week, 25th and 26th of March.

See ACI’s core pillars below.

I am part of a large movement campaigning to stop ACI and their bizarre rhetoric.

Please see Gemma O’Doherty referring to the Christchurch terrorist attacks as a false flag in screenshot below.

We managed to stop ACI meetings being held in Cork city and West Cork.

Every hotel I spoke to did NOT want her movement on their premises.

I am very proud of Cork for saying no to intolerance and for listening to our concerns.

Gemma has threatened me in a video she published on her Youtube channel recently, she said that “I need to be dealt with for once and for all”

She has also made attempts to get me and my large family in trouble with our home, see in screenshots below.

Gemma has also allowed photographs of my home to be posted in replies on her Twitter feed.

I have reported Gemma to the Gardai.

As a direct result of this harassment from Gemma and speaking out against her new movement I have received vile harassment from her supporters, again this has been reported to the Gardai.

These are the type of people that support Gemma O’Doherty and her party ACI.

Please see a handful of screenshots of the abuse I have received over the past week from Gemmas supporters below.

Please see some screenshots my friends and fellow campaigners have shared with me below.

We need to STOP far-right groups gaining a foothold in Ireland and worldwide.

Surely history has taught us what HATE can do.

We stand for peace, love and acceptance.

All you need is love

Amazon Employee And His Wife Gave Toxic Bleach Product MMS To Their Children

I campaign against quack treatments, MMS BLEACH being one of many.

My campaign work has led to MMS being banned in Ireland.

I have seen so many awful cases of MMS abuse but this case has shook me to the core.

Ben and Emily Cressey have two children, one neurotypical daughter and an Autistic Son.

Ben works for Amazon, see in screenshots below.

Emily is involved in marketing, see below.

See Emily punching the air below!

Emily and Ben gave MMS bleach to both of their children, they used Kerri Riveras CD (chlorine dioxide) protocol from her book Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism.

Riveras book has recently been banned on Amazon.

Emily and Ben gave MMS bleach to their chidren orally and also gave them burning bleach enemas.

Emily Cressey also appears to advocate the eating of Guinea Pigs, see in screenshot below.

Ben and Emily Cressey gave MMS to their children four years ago but Emily still advocates MMS and is in Kerri Riveras groups on Facebook, she talks about using MMS to remove moles from her daughters face, yes pouring burning bleach on a little girls face, see in screenshots below.

Please see screenshots of Emily Cressey discussing MMS and other quackery below.

My colleague in the US reported this family to child protection services, an investigation opened last August 2018.

In January this year the investigation closed, no action was taken against these parents who poisoned their children with BLEACH!

See in screenshot below.

They could still be feeding their children bleach as we speak.

Emily Cressey is still in Kerri Riveras groups promoting her quack treatments.

Kerri Rivera is now also suggesting a 72 hour fast with her dangerous BLEACH protocols, see in screenshots below.

Children starving for 72 hours whilst being fed burning BLEACH!

See Riveras 2019 CD PROTOCOL below.

I am going to close and share two horrific videos.

The first video shows Kerri Rivera interviewing Emily Cressey, second video shows Emily’s Son Blake talking about his bottom hurting.

Please see photo of Emily Cresseys childs insides after an MMS BLEACH enema below.

Any parent giving BLEACH to their children must be arrested and charged with ABUSE.

These children seem to be invisible in the eyes of child protection.

We will keep fighting for these children.


Bleach Quacks Defamatory Blog Has Caused Anti-Vaxxers To Issue Death Threats

Today I awoke to death threats from one Tiger Rox Mission.

I am used to getting online abuse from quacks and anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists but to see a grown man say “she needs to be killed” scares me.

I do not know this man yet he has read a vile defamatory blog by MMS/GcMAF quack Amanda Mary Jewell and published this death threat over night.

He posted this comment in a closed Australian anti-vaccine group with 17,000 members.

The group is called Anti-Vaccination Australia.

See Tiger Rox Missions comment in screenshots below.

I am sharing this because I want people to understand the mindset of anti-vaxxers and highlight how dangerous they are.

Tiger says he is married on his Facebook page and looks like a family man.

He works at a company called Datec, See Tiger and his workplace in screenshots below.

This man deserves to be exposed and held accountable for his threatening and dangerous behaviour.

The fact that he would issue death threats to a Mother in Ireland and not care to think about the consequences of his actions proves how warped the minds of anti-vaxxers are.

If anyone can offer support in reporting this man to the police in Papua New Guinea please contact me.

Thank you.

Cancer Quack Fleecing Vulnerable People Of Thousands Of Pounds And Holding Talks In UK And Scotland

Patrick Vickers peddles quack treatments and operates a clinic offering bogus Gerson therapy.

He makes thousands of pounds off the backs of desperate and vulnerable people.

I discovered Vickers via monstrous MMS BLEACH/GcMAF quack Amanda Mary Jewell.

Vickers is a member of her closed Facebook group GcMAF Oracle.

Amanda Mary tells Cancer patients to avoid life saving proven treatments and offers them unproven, dangerous and banned products instead.

Amanda Mary is not a medical professional yet she poses as a Cancer researcher and preys on both Cancer patients and Autistic children.

She is affiliated with the evil MMS BLEACH cult Genesis II Church, see her below.

She is wanted by the UK authorities for her vile and criminal behaviour.

She is a UK citizen presently seeking refuge in Mexico/Belize/Bulgaria.

She has hurt so many vulnerable children and adults, she defames and abuses anyone who exposes her disgusting behaviour.

She shared a post in her GcMAF group recently talking about her visit to Patrick Vickers Gersons quack clinic in Mexico, see this post below.

Vickers comments on this post along with a lady called Kate Shemirani.

See comments below.

Vickers is not only experimenting on vulnerable people with unproven and dangerous Gerson therapy but he is also offering banned blood product GcMAF to his victims.

Big peddler of GcMAF David Noakes was jailed last November for manufacturing and selling GcMAF as a cure for Cancer and Autism.

Both Vickers and Jewell are breaking the law by selling and administering GcMAF.

Kate Shemirani is a patient of Vickers, see below.

Kate Shemirani started harassing me on Facebook after I published a short video about my concerns regarding Patrick Vickers hosting talks in the UK and Scotland.

Vickers recently held a talk in the UK, it was organised by Sue and Robert Olifent.

They operate an organisation that spreads misinformation about vaccines and promotes unproven and dangerous quack treatments for Cancer.

See their ACT website here.

I rang Robert Olifent undercover and had a crazy conversation with him.

He praised Patrick Vickers quack treatments and praised Amanda Mary Jewell.

He also spoke about the benefits of MMS BLEACH and told me that he had tried it.

He said my Autistic children could have become Autistic due to my amalgam fillings.

He spewed anti-vaccine nonsense and said that cancer can be healed by ones own body, eating sweets doesn’t help.

He said chemotherapy causes tumours.

Now Vickers is set to host another talk, in April, this time in Scotland.

Heal Scotland are organising this event.

Kate Shemirani was not happy with me raising awareness about this serious issue, see some of her comments below.

Kate calls herself a nurse but is anti-science and advocates dangerous quack treatments.

I hope that she is not a registered nurse!

I have received horrible abuse online in the past 48 hrs, I was hacked on Facebook and Patrick Vickers sent me this message below.

Amanda Mary Jewell has written yet another vile defamatory blog, calling me a murderer and more.

I’ve been campaigning against quack treatments and the anti-vaccine movement for six years now.

I have given evidence in court cases which led to the banning of MMS BLEACH in Ireland where I live.

Amanda Marys blogs clearly highlight how important my campaign work is and how effective I have been to date.

I will do my very best to BAN future talks by Patrick Vickers.

I will NEVER stop campaigning and if I save one child/adult from this quackery I know that I have made a difference.

Rest In Peace all of the victims that have suffered at the hands of these unscrupulous quacks!

Amanda Mary, remember who you really are

Thanks for reading.