Do Not Vote For Gemma Of Anti Corruption Ireland In The European Elections

I am an activist who campaigns against quack treatments, the anti-vaccine movement, racism, discrimination and hate.

I have been campaigning for six years and have spoken on multiple media platforms.

I’ve been a key witness in the prosecution of a quack who peddled MMS BLEACH as an Autism ‘treatment’

My campaign work is carried out on a voluntary basis, I am also a Mum to five beautiful children, two of my children are Autistic.

I want to help build a safer and more accepting world for our children.

By speaking out I believe we can help stem the growth of discrimination and injustice.

Sadly fighting injustice is a daunting task, it can be extremely upsetting and then you have to deal with the daily abuse and harassment you receive from trolls and those who are trying to silence you.

Somedays can be so bad that you feel like quitting but then I look at my beautiful family and I am swiftly reminded of how important my campaign work is.

I want to draw your attention to someone I have been voicing my concerns about for almost a year now.

Gemma O’Doherty is a failed Presidential candidate, she calls herself an investigative journalist.

She is running in the upcoming EU elections.

She is leader of Anti Corruption Ireland.

She has been exposed and criticised by thousands of people for spewing misinformation regarding life saving vaccines, she also spews crtisism regarding Muslims, LGBT community and immigrants.

Listen to Gemma here, here, here and here.

She also publishes bizarre comments about unicorns and rainbows.

See some of her vile and crazy posts below.

She shares conspiracy theories and doesn’t care who she hurts, see below.

She called the Christchurch terrorist attacks a false flag, see below.

She interviews quacks and conspiracy theorists on her Youtube channel.

I have spoken out against what Gemma and ACI are saying, it is my right to challange and criticise what I view as dangerous quackery and hate speech.

However Gemma doesn’t like being challenged as you can see here and here.

Gemma has harassed and threatened me on Youtube, see here.

She has taken issue with the fact that my family are housed by Cork County Council, she has defamed me dreadfully.

I have reported Gemma to the Gardai and also have my Solicitor on board.

See Gemmas vile behaviour in screenshots below.

After Gemma made her video threatening me and after her posts on Twitter, I started to receive vile abuse online.

See some of this abuse in screenshots below.

We must not vote for candidates who are anti science and pro disease.

We must not vote for candidates that promote hatred and discrimination.

Please think of our childrens future and do NOT vote for Gemma O’Doherty.

Thank you for reading.