Social Media Providing Platforms For Dangerous And Illegal Quack Treatments, Meet Autism Biomedical Treatments.

I am a Mother to five beautiful children, two of my children are Autistic.

I have been campaigning against quack treatments for six years now.

Some of these quack treatments include MMS BLEACH, banned blood product GcMAF, Chelation, HBOT and more.

I have helped prosecute an MMS peddler in Ireland which led to MMS being banned in Ireland in 2016.

None of these quack treatments are approved for Autism, many are illegal and they hurt Autistic children.

Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are all guilty of facilitating this quackery but Facebook is the worst.

Our campaign work has led to some Facebook pages/groups being shut down but it has taken years to achieve this.

Sadly many quack pages and groups still remain on Facebook.

Most of these Facebook groups are closed or secret which makes them harder to report.

I am going to focus on one group in this blog, it is a group that I fell upon recently.

It is called Autism Biomedical Treatments.

It had nearly 6,500 members and is led by one Becky Dav.

Becky has Autistic children and experiments on them with unproven, dangerous and even banned quack treatments like GcMAF.

Becky admits to not being a doctor but dishes out medical advice to her members via her Facebook group and her Youtube channel.

She gives lorry loads of bogus supplements to her children, she films them when they are upset and even doses her children with dangerous unproven Chelation products whilst they are sleeping.

Chelation has killed children.

Becky is in MMS BLEACH/GcMAF quack Amanda Mary Jewells GcMAF Oracle group.

I found Becky commenting there two weeks ago, see quack Jewell below.

Becky was asking Amanda Mary about purchasing the BANNED blood product GcMAF for the members of her Facebook group, see below.

Becky is working with a monstrous woman who sells BLEACH and BANNED GcMAF to Autistic children and Cancer patients.

Amanda Mary Jewell is wanted by the UK authorities but hides in Mexico and operates her quack shop from there.

Learn more about this evil quack here, here, here and here.

Becky is fully aware that GcMAF is illegal yet she pushes it and encourages parents to administer this ILLEGAL product to their Autistic children.

GcMAF charlatan Noakes was recently jailed and he faces possible extradition to France in the near future for his crimes.

His colleagues are under investigation also.

You would think that this would stop Becky from promoting this illegal product but no, she even admits to making her own GcMAF nasal spray, see below.

Beckys group promotes a multitude of quack treatments even MMS/CD BLEACH, see below.

Beckys group warns parents about how to deal with Child Protection Services, her Youtube link leads to screenshot below.

Beckys group also warns members about campaigners like myself, see below.

The members of this group seem to be FULLY aware of the dangers and illegality of these quack treatments but it doesn’t stop them experimenting on their Autistic children.

Most of these poor children are on bogus restricted diets and they are fed massive amounts of quack treatments, see examples below.

These quack treatments come with horrible side effects and when I hear these charlatans say that there are no side effects it makes me so angry.

The charlatans aren’t the ones ingesting this crap, Autistic children are guinea pigs for this dangerous quackery.

They are suffering because of these charlatans and their parents seem to have no regard for their childrens health.

I have seen so many posts from parents talking about their Autistic children vomiting, being in pain and developing awful rashes from ingesting these quack treatments.

Last night Irish Youtuber Gemma O’Doherty interviewed convicted criminal/charlatan David Noakes and both of them boasted about his BANNED quack treatment GcMAF, claiming it has no side effects.

See Gemma O’Doherty below.

See David Noakes below.

I am writing this blog for the Autistic children who are being experimented on, I want readers to see the SIDE EFFECTS that Gemma and Noakes say do not exist.

It is Youtube channels like Gemma O’Doherty and Ian R Crane that are endangering vulnerable peoples lives.

See Ian R Crane below.

They promote dangerous charlatans like Noakes only to get likes for the conspiracy, far-right garbage that they profit from.

I am closing with some upsetting images and comments from this group.

I want people to see the suffering, the side effects that these Autistic children endure.

I want Facebook and all social media platforms to shut down all these groups/ pages and help us protect these poor children from this experimentation, this abuse.

Please report groups mentioned and share this blog.

Thank you.