Anti Corruption Ireland Protest Google July 26th Meet Gems Minions…

We held a protest against Gemma O’Doherty and her vile group ACI Anti Corruption Ireland last Friday July 26th, learn more here, here, here, here, and here.

See some of her mob below.

We are standing up and saying NO to RACISM, QUACKERY, DISCRIMINATION and DIVIDE.

Gemmas fans are now turning on her and questioning her motives.

Gemmas fans consist of anti-vaxxers, racists, quacks, conspiracy theorists and the pro-life movement.

They have been drawn to ACI because nobody else wants them.

I met a guy at the protest who was part of Gemmas crew, he was very aggressive and approached me and whispered in my ear ‘I’m going to get you’

He then tried to attack me, I was lucky there was a garda present to pull him off.

Gemmas mob are violent and love to threaten and abuse women.

I asked this thug his name at the protest but he just repeated ‘you know me’

Last night I found this creep, his name is Jay Brady.

See him below waving the flag to support Gemma and her fascism.

See Jay with his buddies at Google below.

Jay has been harassing me on his Facebook page without me knowing, see in screenshots below.

Nearly all of Gemmas supporters are quacks, anti-vaccine and spew chemtrail nonsense.

Jay is all that and more.

Jay doesn’t accept Women like me who speak out against fascism.

Jay is a doting Grandfather on his Facebook page yet he enjoys threatening Women, Mothers.

This is what an Irish bigot ACI supporter looks like.

I am proud of my dear friends and fellow activists who made the trip to Google headquarters last Friday.

Love will win 💞💞💞

Exposing Gemmas Closed Facebook Group. Meet The Irish ‘Patriots’

I am an activist, I speak out against quack treatments, racism and the far right.

Gemma O’Doherty has become a leading voice for the far-right in Ireland.

She also endorses quack treatments, conspiracy nonsense and anti-vaccine propaganda, learn more here and here.

Myself and other brave and passionate activists have been exposing her vile behaviour for a year now.

Channel 4 exposed Gemma in recent months and Gemmas two YouTube accounts were removed for breaching Hate Speech laws just a few days ago.

Hate speech causes harm to vulnerable people and leads to violence.

Gemma has garnered a mob of so called Irish ‘Patriots’

They bully, threaten and harass those that speak out against their message of hate.

I myself have made several statements to the Gardai due to threats from Gemmas supporters, Gemma herself has threatened me also.

Her mob mostly abuse on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, however I’ve received threatening calls from her loyal supporters, listen to an example of one of these many calls here.

Gardai are investigating these calls.

I have recently discovered a closed group on Facebook dedicated to Gemmas cause.

The Gemma Supporters Group Group has 121 members.

The people in this group endorse all Gemmas hate and quackery.

They are ordinary people, Fathers, Mothers.

The male supporters frequently threaten and abuse women like myself and other outspoken activists in Ireland.

They send threats of violence, attack our appearance, call us mentally ill.

I can’t understand how anyone could pen such disgusting comments, many of these men have children, daughters.

What message are they sending to their loved ones?

They are saying it is okay to abuse women, this is abuse of women and social media is normalising this abuse.

What’s more shocking are the female Gemma supporters who condone and encourage this abuse of women.

One Ray O’Neil says that there is not one womanly bone in my body and that puke is more attractive.

Aidan Quinlan comments about Rays post and Ray is proud of his vile behaviour, see below.

Members list below.

I am going to leave you with posts from this group and you can see what the far right in Ireland are all about.

One thing I know is that these far right men fear strong women.

Gemmas supporters are warped in their thinking, the danger is that they are grooming our youth, teaching them hatred and discrimination.


My message to Gemma and the FAR-RIGHT is this.

We are not afraid and we will fight your message of HATE with every essence of our being.

We are here and we are not going away.

Listen and learn!