BLEACH Quack Still Experimenting On Autistic Children Via Telegram Platform

Kerri Rivera is an American quack who experiments on Autistic children with a toxic bleach product called MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) also known as CD (Chlorine Dioxide)

Myself and other activists have been campaigning against Rivera and her bleach cult for six years now.

Our campaign work has led to Rivera being banned from holding seminars in the state of Illinois, we have helped shut down her social media platforms and help prosecute peddlers of MMS.Our voices have forced Amazon to remove Riveras bleach bible Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism. We have worked so hard to protect Autistic children and adults from this lethal quackery. The FDA and authorities have not investigated Kerri Rivera even though she has been reported countless times by myself and others.She still has her CD Autism website and her new one Keto Kerri, see below.Rivera also encourages parents to put their Autistic children on dangerous, unproven restricted diets. She advocates fasting and tells parents to give bogus and dangerous products along with MMS to Autistic children.

Some children are as young as one and two years old. She tells parents to give MMS bleach orally and by way of an enema. Autistic children are writhing in pain due to their bodies being corroded with BLEACH.

Vomiting, diarrhoea, fevers, seizures, blood in urine, rashes, breathing problems, bowel prolapse, shedding of intestinal tissue, liver and kidney failure, low blood pressure are all common side effects from ingesting MMS BLEACH. People have died from this quackery.

Rivera is NOT a doctor but an evil charlatan torturing Autistic children and adults for profit. Rivera denies selling MMS but we have evidence of her being involved with an MMS company called WPS. She also sells unregulated and unproven quack treatments to parents of Autistic children from her home in Bremerhaven in Germany. Rivera moved to Germany after separating from her husband in Mexico a few years ago, read more here. She is now married to Alper Bilgic an eye doctor in Bremerhaven, see them below.Bilgic gave this toxic bleach to his tiny Autistic Son a few years ago, Bilgics ex wife Natalia messaged me and told me this.

See some screenshots of her messages below.

Bilgic uploaded a video of his tiny two year old Son in a bathtub of MMS BLEACH but swiftly removed when found out, see below.This is a doctor feeding BLEACH to his tiny Son. See Rivera with Bilgics Son in Mexico below.A German MMS peddler was jailed recently. I want to remind you of the awful side effects of ingesting this toxic BLEACH, upsetting images below.Rivera still peddles unproven and dangerous quack treatments from Germany and ships them to families all over the world.Rivera has had her social media platforms disabled but she has opened up her BLEACH scam on the Telegram platform. See awful video from Kerris Telegram group of an Autistic adult being poisoned with this bleach here. She has three groups there, Kerri Rivera, CD Autism and CD Autismo.CD Autismo is for her Spanish victims. Her longtime colleague and admin is Michael Harrah, see below.Kerri instructs parents on how to abuse their Autistic children with BLEACH and other quackery. I want Telegram to remove this monstrous woman and STOP this torture of children.

Remember MMS is banned in Germany but Rivera is operating from her home there. I want the US and German authorities to investigate and prosecute this evil and dangerous quack.

**TRIGGER WARNING** I will close with screenshots from Riveras Telegram groups below.Thanks for reading and supporting our campaign work.We will keep fighting to protect children#ENDMMSABUSE

7 thoughts on “BLEACH Quack Still Experimenting On Autistic Children Via Telegram Platform

  1. Just spotted a few products on appearing to be “water treatment”.
    “Lifestyle” A+B solutions. The customer questions infer it is being taken orally.
    If you search using MMS it goes straight to it.
    Just been onto Customer Service Amazon to put them in the pucture.
    I got “Vit B17” binned off the site some time back too. Forwarded your blog to British Autism Society today.


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