Stop Masking Racism

Watching the Far-Right grow in Ireland scares me.

Some think the Far-Right is all about hatred of colour and different religions.

Yes that’s true but…

The Far-Right are also conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxx, advocates of quack treatments, anti-LGBTQ, anti-choice for Women’s reproductive rights, ableist and climate change deniers.

They pose a serious threat to society.

I have been voicing my concerns about this for a long time now.

Gemma O’Doherty, Grand Torino and their fan club spread hatred and lies regarding refugees and muslims.

They endorse pseudoscience and batshit crazy conspiracy theories.

They receive support from other Far-Right activists and pro-life/religious groups.

They also receive support from quacks and anti-vaxxers.

I’ve seen this marriage made in hell grow over the past few years.

The quacks, anti-vaxxers, pro-lifers and racists scratch each others backs.

All helping each other out when one group sends out the call.

The yellow vest is often their uniform which unites them in their quest to take Ireland back to the dark ages.

Gemma O’Dohertys Google protests clearly proved this to be true.

All the racists, quacks and anti-choice brigade joined arms screaming injustice, ladened with shamrock, bodhràns, bibles and crucifixes.

It was a pitiful sight but as time went on we watched the protests receive support from hardcore nazis.

You see the real weapon of mass destruction is the script, the wording.

Gemma and her crew have been spewing a nazi script for a long time now.

Phrases like ‘Great replacement’

‘Taking our culture’

‘We must help our own first’

Conspiracy quack phrases like

‘Controlling the skies, spraying us like bugs’

‘Big pharma depopulation’

‘Sexualising our children with unicorn propaganda’

‘Nature provides us with cures for all diseases’

This is being drip fed via social media platforms.

These bigots often latch on to vulnerable people who in turn are promised great things from the Far-Right.

Promises of a better life, secure homes, jobs etc.

It’s a common tactic used by nazis, they sell a lie to the people but their real agenda is often overlooked.

We all know how bad it got and we must be alert to make sure such atrocities don’t happen again.

However sadly we are seeing violence, terrorist attacks growing.

This is happening because of the nazi script, it’s the same wording being used again and again.

This script is spreading like a virus even to rural areas where I live.

Local TDs like Michael Collins are using this same script, the one Gemma has been spewing for many months now.

We see Ougtherard in beautiful Co. Galway being infected with this same script.

Some TDs have garnered a new confidence that we haven’t seen before.

Not only do they use this nazi script but they are proud as punch when spewing phrases like, ‘African spongers’ ‘taking our culture’ etc.

My concern is how this message of hate is influencing and grooming our young people.

We are seeing more young people joining Far-Right groups like Generation Identity, we are seeing young people creating YouTube channels dedicated to spreading the Far-Right nazi script.

I believe that we must stop this spread of hatred and pseudoscience being driven by the Far-Right.

Why must we do this?

We must do this because minorities are being targeted because of the nazi script.

Children and adults that don’t fit in the nazi boxes are being discriminated against, abused, harassed, MURDERED!

The TD in West Cork thinks that his ramblings aren’t dangerous.

The nazi brigade have already welcomed Michael into the fold.

Michael Collins is on the Far-Right Orlared YouTube channel, a channel where comments like ‘burn the negros’ ‘execute non Irish traitors’ are the norm.

I rang Michael Collins as he’s my local TD, he didn’t care about my concerns regarding his dangerous and lazy comments.

Michael will help the blind get on the bus and take them to the North.

He will ignore his comments and play the game just like the rest.

The media is divided with some great articles by brave and passionate journalists like Justine McCarthy.

However there are many articles which are ignoring the seriousness of this issue.

Then there are those saying we should ignore the Far-Right, this is not just outrageous but dangerous also.

Maybe you are not a minority, or a person that suffers discrimination from the Far-Right.

The Far-Right are planning a protest next friday the 27th of September in Dublin.

Do we keep ignoring the Far-Right and wait for further destruction in our communities?

Or do we act?

I say ACT!

Meet The Mother Who Feeds BLEACH And Other Quackery To Her Autistic Children

I have been campaigning against quack treatments especially the toxic BLEACH product MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) also known as CD (Chlorine Dioxide) for six years now.

My campaign work has led to the prosecution of an MMS peddler in Ireland.

MMS is banned in Ireland since 2016.

I have helped in MMS investigations in other Countries also.

MMS Charlatans tell parents to poison their Autistic children with this bleach both orally and by way of an enema.

Some parents give MMS baths and make their children ingest MMS via a nebuliser.

Side effects include vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, seizures, breathing problems, rashes, boils, hair loss, liver and kidney damage, changes in blood pressure, digestive issues and more.

Deaths have occurred from ingesting MMS.

MMS bleach enemas cause shedding of intestinal tissue, bleeding, bowel prolapse, internal bleeding.

The FDA published fresh warnings recently.

Some children have ended up with colostomy bags because of MMS enemas.

MMS abuse is child abuse fact!

Laurel Austin is a Mother to six children.

Four of her children are diagnosed Autistic.

Laurel lives in Kansas and has been exposed for giving her two Autistic Sons Jeremy and Joshua MMS BLEACH.

Laurel is anti vaccine and gives her Sons many other unproven and dangerous quack treatments.

Read about Laurel in this NBC news report.

Laurels ex husband Bradley Austin and wife Karrie have made many attempts to protect Jeremy and Joshua from this toxic bleach protocol.

Jeremy is 27 and Joshua 29 years old.

They started the bleach protocol in 2018.

Jeremy is non verbal and Joshua has some language.

Bradley is Father to four of Laurels children.

The bleach protocol created by charlatan Kerri Rivera is known as the CD protocol, CD stands for chlorine dioxide bleach.

Kerri Rivera has been banned on all reputable social media platforms.

She now operates via her websites and the Telegram platform.

See her three Telegram groups below.

Rivera is an American citizen but now resides in Bremerhaven Germany.

She married a German eye doctor after she poisoned his tiny Autistic Son with MMS bleach, learn more here.

Rivera has never been fully investigated for her crimes against vulnerable children and adults.

However the German authorities are now investigating Rivera due to my complaints which have been shared via a German reporter.

I have provided evidence of child abuse via Riveras Telegram groups.

One case I’ve reported is to a hospital in Worms in Germany.

See email I’ve recently received from the doctor investigating this issue, I’ve also spoken with this doctor on the telephone.

He is not permitted to disclose patients details but he has recieved all information regarding my concerns.

See his email below.

The case I reported is regarding a Mother (Elly)

She took her three year old Autistic Son to this hospital after reporting in Riveras bleach group that he was very ill, he couldn’t walk, was vomiting.

See Ellys comments in bleach group below.

He has been on MMS nine months and also ingesting many other unproven, unregulated quack treatments all prescribed by Kerri Rivera.

I reached out to this Mother known as Elly in the group, see below.

Rivera suggests putting Chlorine Dioxide bleach in capsules if children don’t like the taste of bleach!

Rivera also orders parents to put their children on bogus restricted diets.

Many of these children are being deprived of important food groups which can lead to malnutrition.

See some screenshots from Riveras Telegram bleach groups below.

Please note upsetting viewing.

Laurel Austin did not like being exposed by NBC, she has created a Go Fund Me page to tackle anyone who challanges her dangerous quackery, see below.

Laurel has raised over $4000, I refuse to provide link to this Go Fund Me, but it’s easily found.

Please report it as she’s raising funds to help harm her children.

During my research I have engaged with both Bradley and Karrie Austin and they have provided me with shocking and deeply upsetting information.

They reported Laurel to the police and the authorities, they also reported Laurels doctor who signed off on this BLEACH protocol.

Yes a REAL doctor supported feeding Autistic children bleach!

The ‘doctor’ is Dr. Sarita Singh, she works at Kansas University Medical Center.

I am told this doctor is under investigation as we speak, she should be struck off like the Irish doctor who prescribed MMS BLEACH!

Karrie and Bradley sent me copies of police reports and correspondence with the authorities.

They sent me screenshots of Laurel in closed MMS groups on Facebook which have since been shut down.

I have full consent to share this information as it proves that there is no justice for Autistic children and adults who are subjected to MMS abuse.

Bradley and Karrie tried their very best to protect Joshua and Jeremy.

All investigations with the police and authorities failed and Laurel was allowed to continue on with her quack protocols.

Please see police report below.

There are many pages to this police report which clearly highlights how hard Bradley and Karrie fought to protect Joshua and Jeremy from this toxic bleach protocol.

I believe this case was closed with no action taken because of the report from Laurels doctor Dr. Singh.

Dr. Singh told the police that MMS was safe and compared it to table salt.

Sodium CHLORIDE is salt but the key ingredient in MMS is Sodium CHLORITE.

This doctor provided the police with dangerous and false information.

It is obvious that this misinformation and neglect carried out by this doctor led to the police not taking action and closing this case.

See Dr. Singhs report and case closed below.

Poison control provides this quote below.

The power of this doctor’s report in this case most certainly led to inaction and a failing to protect vulnerable Autistic adults from dangerous quackery.

This inaction is happening all the time with the authorities, these include the police, FDA, MHRA, CPS and their counterparts in other Countries.

We sometimes see MMS peddlers prosecuted but parents abusing their Autistic children with bleach are rarely held accountable for their vile actions.

In fact I am not aware of any prosecution of a parent that gave MMS to their children.

My colleagues and I keep reporting cases of MMS abuse, Emma Dalmayne in the UK, Amanda Seigler and Melissa Eaton in the US.

Melissa says she’s reported roughly fifty cases of MMS abuse over the past few years, she rarely receives an acknowledgement to her reports.

Not one case has led to a full investigation/prosecution, even complaints to the Ombudsman have fallen on deaf ears.

See some of Melissa’s efforts in screenshots below.

Melissa gave me a quote for this blog.

“I reported Laurel to Adult Protective Services on March 20th, 2019 after witnessing her posting her son was making gasping noises since starting the CD Protocol. These children have been failed by those responsible for protecting them”

Myself and other campaigners carry out our hard work on a voluntary basis.

We suffer vile abuse and harassment from the quacks who peddle these dangerous products.

We also receive abuse and threats from parents giving their Autistic children these products.

Laurel Austin has recently started harassing us on Facebook and Twitter.

See below.

Bradley and Karrie Austin gave me this quote for my blog.

“This epidemic of misinformation and pseudoscience needs to be stopped. Children and disabled adults are being grossly harmed by the very people who are supposed to protect them. I want nothing more than the safety and well-being of all involved and for this protocol to be banned and all who persist in performing it to be dealt with appropriately”

Jeremy and Joshua deserve to be protected from this abuse.

It seems the authorities do not care about protecting Autistic children and adults.

If these cases were neurotypical children would things be different?

Anyone harming children or adults with these harmful products should be fully investigated and held accountable for their actions.

Doctors advocating bleach as medicines should be struck off.

I will close with screenshots from Laurel Austin, see below.

I hope my blog will help bring justice and protect the Jeremy’s and Joshua’s of this world.

We will keep fighting to protect you 💞