Stop Masking Racism

Watching the Far-Right grow in Ireland scares me.

Some think the Far-Right is all about hatred of colour and different religions.

Yes that’s true but…

The Far-Right are also conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxx, advocates of quack treatments, anti-LGBTQ, anti-choice for Women’s reproductive rights, ableist and climate change deniers.

They pose a serious threat to society.

I have been voicing my concerns about this for a long time now.

Gemma O’Doherty, Grand Torino and their fan club spread hatred and lies regarding refugees and muslims.

They endorse pseudoscience and batshit crazy conspiracy theories.

They receive support from other Far-Right activists and pro-life/religious groups.

They also receive support from quacks and anti-vaxxers.

I’ve seen this marriage made in hell grow over the past few years.

The quacks, anti-vaxxers, pro-lifers and racists scratch each others backs.

All helping each other out when one group sends out the call.

The yellow vest is often their uniform which unites them in their quest to take Ireland back to the dark ages.

Gemma O’Dohertys Google protests clearly proved this to be true.

All the racists, quacks and anti-choice brigade joined arms screaming injustice, ladened with shamrock, bodhràns, bibles and crucifixes.

It was a pitiful sight but as time went on we watched the protests receive support from hardcore nazis.

You see the real weapon of mass destruction is the script, the wording.

Gemma and her crew have been spewing a nazi script for a long time now.

Phrases like ‘Great replacement’

‘Taking our culture’

‘We must help our own first’

Conspiracy quack phrases like

‘Controlling the skies, spraying us like bugs’

‘Big pharma depopulation’

‘Sexualising our children with unicorn propaganda’

‘Nature provides us with cures for all diseases’

This is being drip fed via social media platforms.

These bigots often latch on to vulnerable people who in turn are promised great things from the Far-Right.

Promises of a better life, secure homes, jobs etc.

It’s a common tactic used by nazis, they sell a lie to the people but their real agenda is often overlooked.

We all know how bad it got and we must be alert to make sure such atrocities don’t happen again.

However sadly we are seeing violence, terrorist attacks growing.

This is happening because of the nazi script, it’s the same wording being used again and again.

This script is spreading like a virus even to rural areas where I live.

Local TDs like Michael Collins are using this same script, the one Gemma has been spewing for many months now.

We see Ougtherard in beautiful Co. Galway being infected with this same script.

Some TDs have garnered a new confidence that we haven’t seen before.

Not only do they use this nazi script but they are proud as punch when spewing phrases like, ‘African spongers’ ‘taking our culture’ etc.

My concern is how this message of hate is influencing and grooming our young people.

We are seeing more young people joining Far-Right groups like Generation Identity, we are seeing young people creating YouTube channels dedicated to spreading the Far-Right nazi script.

I believe that we must stop this spread of hatred and pseudoscience being driven by the Far-Right.

Why must we do this?

We must do this because minorities are being targeted because of the nazi script.

Children and adults that don’t fit in the nazi boxes are being discriminated against, abused, harassed, MURDERED!

The TD in West Cork thinks that his ramblings aren’t dangerous.

The nazi brigade have already welcomed Michael into the fold.

Michael Collins is on the Far-Right Orlared YouTube channel, a channel where comments like ‘burn the negros’ ‘execute non Irish traitors’ are the norm.

I rang Michael Collins as he’s my local TD, he didn’t care about my concerns regarding his dangerous and lazy comments.

Michael will help the blind get on the bus and take them to the North.

He will ignore his comments and play the game just like the rest.

The media is divided with some great articles by brave and passionate journalists like Justine McCarthy.

However there are many articles which are ignoring the seriousness of this issue.

Then there are those saying we should ignore the Far-Right, this is not just outrageous but dangerous also.

Maybe you are not a minority, or a person that suffers discrimination from the Far-Right.

The Far-Right are planning a protest next friday the 27th of September in Dublin.

Do we keep ignoring the Far-Right and wait for further destruction in our communities?

Or do we act?

I say ACT!

One thought on “Stop Masking Racism

  1. Are these nuts taking their clue from our so-called esteemed President Donald Trump on this side of the pond?

    It’s sad, especially in the US. Trump and his supporters seem to forget we’re a nation of immigrants. Hell, Trump’s own wife is an immigrant. But I guess that’s OK because she’s white and rich and “beautiful”.


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