No Hate Speech!

Hate speech is NOT free speech and causes serious harm.

As discussed in this video, hate speech has a snowball effect that can lead to suicide and murder.

I am a campaigner against racism and dangerous quack treatments.

I am used to receiving the odd nasty comment because of my campaign work but the past year has been horrendous.

I want to show you just a handful of the hate speech, abuse and harassment I have received online.

Most of these comments are from individuals I don’t know.

Some are from people I know who are now being investigated by the Gardai (Irish Police)

I have blanked out their names because of this investigation.

I welcome minister Charlie Flanagans proposal for updating hate speech legislation and I hope it will be implemented very soon.

I want you to read these comments and imagine what it feels like.

I am in receipt of this hate speech on a daily basis now.

Some days are worse than others.

It doesn’t just affect me but my whole family and friends.

All of these posts are displayed publicly.

The Irish government needs to speak to the victims of hate speech, believe me there are thousands of us.

To those who made these vile posts about me and my family, I pity you.

You don’t know me or my family yet you wish me harm, defame and mock me.

It only shows that you are in need of help and I hope you get that help real soon.

See screenshots below.

Thank you for reading.


Beware Of Dubious Candidates Running In Upcoming Elections

I campaign against the Far-Right and pseudoscience.

I expose charlatans that prey on vulnerable people.

I help prosecute quacks that sell MMS BLEACH as a ‘treatment’ for Autism.

It is bad enough watching these unscrupulous vultures prey on the vulnerable but when I see candidates running in elections spreading misinformation, I think it’s important that the public be made aware.

I have exposed failed EU candidate Gemma O’Doherty in the past and she is set to run in the upcoming By-elections in Ireland in November.

Another candidate running in Co.Wexford is Melissa O’Neill.

Melissa is a close pal of Gemma and is interviewed regularly by Far-Right activists, watch here and here.

Melissa also promotes misinformation regarding life saving vaccines and has rerecently been exposed in the Newspapers.

I have voiced my concerns about Melissa in the past, she was once a councillor.

After I voiced my concerns she spread vile defamatory posts about me and my family.

One of my more serious concerns is regarding the toxic BLEACH product MMS which is banned in Ireland since 2016.

I discovered that Melissa is friends with the man who peddled this poison, he was subsequently prosecuted for manufacturing and selling this toxic bleach.

Patrick Merlehans Facebook page is Ark Hamlet, see below.

Why would a once elected councillor and wanna be politician be friends with a man that poisons Autistic children with bleach?

Last August the Genesis II church bleach cult who are responsible for poisoning the vulnerable with bleach held a seminar in New York.

There was uproar.

What was more shocking was discovering that the New York bleach seminar connected with Irish convicted bleach peddler Patrick Merlehan.

A SKYPE connection allowed bleachers in New York to connect with Irish bleachers.

Stupidly one of the head bleachers in New York Mark Grenon shared a photo of New York connecting with Patrick Merlehan in Co. Kildare Ireland.

I managed to get a copy of this photo which I immediately sent to the authorities in Ireland.

What is more concerning about this photo is that I believe I recognise one of the persons at this MMS Bleach seminar.

See photos below.

How can a man already convicted for peddling MMS as a medicine continue to hold seminars in Ireland with no consequences?

The mind boggles.

Back to the dubious candidates.

I decided to call Melissa today via her election page phone number listed on Facebook.

The response from a candidate running for a seat in upcoming elections was shocking.

The minute I mentioned my name she got abusive.

Screaming at me, calling me a psychopath and a lunatic.

I did not get an opportunity to ask her my question which I think is very important.

Melissa is running in Irish elections and the public has the right to question her.

Instead she decided to share a defamatory post on her Facebook page after my phone call.

Referring to me as ‘looney’ O’Leary, see below.

Comments from her buddies below.

This is a woman running in upcoming elections.

Melissa, Gemma and your ilk, we have a right to question you.

A right to challenge your backward and quack views.

If you don’t like it, tough!

Don’t put yourself forward to run in elections and for God’s sake calm down.

Burying The Scars

I watched her walk on eggshells and smile.

A strong hard working Woman who did her best to make life appear as normal as possible.

However it was far from normal.

In fact it was like living in a war zone.

As a child you are confused and you think the first time is the last time.

I was around three years old.

My ears and tummy hurt.

The screams and smashing sounds, what was happening?

This was the first time.

After the third and fourth time I began to realise that this wasn’t going away.

As I grew I thought of ways to escape, maybe we could start a new life somewhere without him.

However we could not find support, the police sent us home.

It’s just a domestic they’d say.

Back to the fear, dread and sadness.

You go to school and bury it all, warned not to talk, afraid of further abuse.

You try to focus on your school work but your mind is always on alert, what if?

And it happened.

After school she wasn’t there.

She was always there.

We stood together waiting, me comforting my younger sibling.

Bad thoughts ran through my head.

Then the car appeared, he was driving.

My heart jumped and tummy flipped.

I held my sibling tight.

‘Get in’ he said.

He drove fast not speaking a single word.

I thought it was over.

I was six years old.

He then pulled into a pub and left us in the car whilst he got drunk.

We were in the car for a few hours.

I remember him coming back, getting in the car and the drive home.

Now my fear was hitting the sky, my sibling was crying.

I tried to comfort her and focus on us seeing her again.

As we drove into our yard the front door was wide open.

I ran with my sibling into the kitchen, there were ashes everywhere.

There had been a fire, I called out for her but couldn’t see her.

Then I heard sobbing.

I found her at the bottom of the garden battered and bruised.

I held her and kept him away from her.

This was the day I grew up, the day I knew I had to find a way to keep us safe.

The abuse intensified and she sustained serious injuries, hospitalised many times.

Again the police did nothing.

We had nowhere to go and spent many nights in our car.

Listening to…

She always kept smiling and we often spoke about a better future.

After seventeen years of violence we left him.

We had nowhere to go but the last beating nearly killed her.

Again the police did nothing.

That day I saved her life and then began to realise the awful injustice Women face when it comes to reporting abuse.

That was in 1988.

I met my husband not long after and we share a special love and friendship.

I was lucky.

I have met many Women who have suffered similar injustice and sought protection but have been denied it.

So many Women are murdered by their spouses, so many families broken by domestic violence.

Now as a Mother to five beautiful children and a campaigner against dangerous quack treatments, I am again a victim of abuse.

There are men abusing me online, threatening me, using the same hate filled language he used towards her.

C**t was his favourite and it seems it’s their favourite too.

It’s been going on for months now, their abuse is triggering and sends me back to my childhood and I relive that trauma all over again.

The fear, pain and what ifs..

As I walk I shed a tear, not for me but for the forgotten victims.

I will keep speaking out, fighting for equality and peace.

I live in hope that one day justice will come.

Through it all she always smiled sweetly.

For Mum and all the other victims.

I love you Mum 💞💞💞

Meet The Matrix Charlatan

I am a campaigner against quack treatments and health scams.

I have exposed many charlatans over the past six years and even helped prosecute some.

I have seen some crazy quacks but the Matrix Drops scam is mind blowing.

Matrix Drops Ireland is based in Portlaoise in Co. Laois.

It is operated by one Istvan Hrepka.

Istvan is Hungarian but has been living in Ireland scamming people for the past ten years.

I fell upon the Matrix Drops scam on Facebook.

See Matrix Drops Facebook pages below.

See some of the bogus claims made by Matrix Drops including curing Cancer below.

They even claim they can connect to dogs, see below.

Istvan will present his scam at the upcoming Cork Mind Body Experience festival at Cork City hall on October 12th, 13th.

The Matrix Drops scam has been operating for many years and was founded by AndrásKovács-Magyar.

These charlatans tell people that they can heal diseases and conditions with their bogus miracle drops which are apparently only water.

However nobody knows what’s in these bottles, there could be bacteria in there or other dangerous substances.

Matrix scam also scan their victims with what looks like some kind of toy from the Harry Potter merchandise.

They say they can search the soul with their scanner and that they can detect viruses and toxic metals in the body.

They even claim that they can detect ghosts or spirits that may be attached to you.

Their promotional video is downright creepy and looks like a cult similar to Scientology, watch here.

They claim diseases like Cancer are caused by geopathic stress.

I decided to call Istvan in PortLaoise and ask him about Matrix Drops and if he had treated Autistic children with his scam.

My conversation with Istvan was alarming to say the least.

He told me that he had ‘treated’ Autistic children and was ‘treating’ an Autistic child as we speak.

He said he even treated a child with Cancer with this quackery.

He spewed misinformation regarding vaccines and said that the HPV vaccine was banned in America.

He suggested that people should stop taking prescribed medicines and that Matrix Drops was the only medicine needed.

He spoke about resetting the brains of my Autistic children and suggested that my Autistic children could be cured in two years if I followed his protocol.

I have two Autistic children and Istvan said his bogus scan would cost 80 euro per child and then 130 euros per child for his magic drops for a 3 month supply.

I would need to add 20 euro extra for postage.

He also suggested that I place my Autistic children on a gluten free diet.

Istvan is not a doctor, he practises quackery and offers massages and ‘bone setting’ too.

Matrix also have their own skincare range, see below.

I have reported this scam to the authorities in Ireland and voiced my concerns with Cork City hall.

I am hoping that Cork County Council will protect the public from unscrupulous charlatans preying on the most vulnerable in our society.

Please listen to my call with Istvan from Matrix Drops Ireland here.