Homeopaths Offering Bogus ‘Treatments’ For Covid19

Irish Homeopaths are selling their quackery to ‘prevent’ and ‘treat’ the deadly Covid19 virus.

Homeopathy is pseudoscience, many Countries are clamping down on Homeopaths and their bogus claims.

Ireland lacks effective regulation making it harder to address these charlatans.

Homeopaths are often anti vaccine, claim to cure Autism and now ‘experts’ in the deadly Covid19 virus.

This misinformation/fraud hurts vulnerable people.

There is NO scientific evidence to support their claims.

They are profiting from the vulnerable.

I have been campaigning against pseudoscience for seven years now, mostly addressing the toxic BLEACH product MMS also known as CD (Chlorine Dioxide)

This too is being offered as a miracle cure for Covid19, see BLEACH quack Rivera below.

Other quackery being offered for Covid19 includes diets, supplements, drinking warm water, high dose Vitamin C and even a fish tank additive used for cleaning!

Yesterday I reported Irish Homeopaths to the HPRA.

I have reported Homeopath Deirdre Mackesy in recent weeks.

Deirdre was offering quackery for Covid19, she told me in a phone call that her Homeopathic remedy would protect my family from Covid19, she could post her remedy to my home. She said my children may suffer side effects from ingesting her quackery, rashes and diarrhoea.

Deirdre was once a registered nurse but she is not anymore.

Yet she uses RGN on her Facebook page, the Nurses regulator are investigating her as we speak.

My complaints led to Irish Newspapers reporting on this matter, read here.

See Deirdre share this dangerous misinformation below.

Then to make matters worse, the parish priest decided to promote Deirdre’s quackery, see below.

Then we have Homeopath Anne Collins.

She operates a large Facebook group for babies and children, see this secret group below.

It’s bad enough this quackery exists but during a deadly pandemic I am sickened by the stupidity and neglect of the parents who are giving this quackery to their children.

Anne Collins runs the Homeopathy Clinic in Ireland. After my reports to the HPRA yesterday I am happy to say that her website is no longer active, see below.

I’ve seen posts of babies and children with possible Covid19 symptoms in Anne Collins Facebook group. Very sick children with temperatures, coughs, not eating.

This is endangerment and these charlatans must be stopped.

See some recent screenshots from Anne’s PRIVATE Facebook group below.

Covid19 needs scientific and proven treatments, this quackery prevents people from seeking professional advice.

Plus our health system is under so much pressure that people will fall prey to this pseudoscience even more now.

I am reporting posts on social media and alerting the authorities.

Please report any quackery you may find.

Let us all protect our vulnerable at this scary time.

Be healthy and please seek professional advice if you have any symptoms of Covid19.


Thanks for reading πŸ’š

Meet The Lighthouse Family

I have been campaigning against the Far-Right and quackery for many years now.

I’ve stood in court and helped prosecute a charlatan that gave MMS BLEACH to Autistic children.

I have worked so hard on a voluntary basis and been sued in the High Court for my campaign work which is all about protecting vulnerable people and Autistic children.

Attempts to silence me have failed, read here.

I’m used to getting abuse from quacks and the Far-Right but I was not prepared for the vile slander and vitriol that landed on my Twitter feed in the past 24 hours.

Delivered by self proclaimed activists of the left.

First I was torn to shreds by Charlotte O’Sullivan, she is admin of Ireland Aganst Fascism.

She had been very abusive to me last year but I ignored her.

In a phone call at that time she called me a c**t and more.

Charlotte O’Sullivan has many fake accounts on Twitter and has three Facebook pages, see below.

Charlotte attacked me on this profile last night.

See Charlotte in action below.

This fake account can be directly linked to Charlotte O’Sullivan’s main Twitter account, see below.

If this wasn’t bad enough I awoke to more slander and abuse, this time from Annie De Bhal, editor of News Media Site ‘The Beacon’

She had posted disgusting comments, calling me a compulsive liar, bully.

She has even said my court case is not about protecting Autistic children.

She has also claimed that I did not start speaking out about Gemma O’Doherty until last November 2019.

I was one of the first to voice concerns back in August 2018, listen to my interview here.

Now I’m told this attack is all because I voiced concerns about Aneta Safiak enaging with members of the Nazi party Ireland, AKA NATIONAL party.

I was very concerned seeing Aneta tagging leader of the National party Justin Barrett’s wife Rebecca whilst discussing the Coronavirus.

I said that I think it is not good engaging with the Far-Right as it boosts their platforms and has no benefits whatsoever.

In fact it is an insult to those that have suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of the Far-Right.

See my comments below.

This is all I said to Aneta.

She didn’t reply.

We can talk about the Far-Right and condemn them but tagging and linking them only strengthens them.

Anetas comments really upset me as Justin Barrett, Rebecca’s husband has abused me in the past.

There is no reason to tag and link Nazis, if you care about those that suffer from their hate you would not do this.

Aneta didn’t reply to my concerns but chose to delete her Twitter account and spread lies about what really happened.

I have evidence of her sending messages accusing me of all sorts.

Claiming I hounded her of Twitter and more.


Truth is Aneta never left Twitter, see her other profile below, alive and well.

She is spreading untruths that has led to me being abused and defamed and I’ve had enough.

I rang Bryan Wall today, he is owner of media site ‘The Beacon’

I told him that I wanted his wife and editor of his media site to retract her disgusting and slanderous posts.

I reached out to him, I was hoping that him and his wife would see sense.

He wasn’t interested and said he would see me in court.

Bryan interviewed my last year regarding my campaign work and made money from an article I kindly contributed to with no reward.

I am disgusted that his wife (editor of his business) is right now part of an organised hate campaign against me.

In my call with Bryan earlier he said that Nazis may be helped with deradicalisation programmes?

He spoke about enaging with Hitler.

Nazis do NOT deserve sympathy or conversation.

If you support this remove yourself from my life now!

I now have no choice but to take this further, my attempts to rectify this nightmare has fallen on deaf ears.

I will not tolerate my good name being sullied or my hard work being devalued.

This is not about the left or right but about truth and decency.

You choose…

Parents Abusing Their Autistic Children Are Filled With Arrogance And Pride

I’ve been campaigning against dangerous quack ‘treatments’ for more than six years now.

I’ve reported many parents that abuse their Autistic children with MMS BLEACH!

I’ve never come across a parent so proud of abusing their Autistic child as Rachel Jeffery.

Rachel Jeffery lives in Cornwall UK.

See Rachel with her Autistic Son below.

I discovered that Rachel was abusing her adult Autistic Son with MMS BLEACH last Sunday February the 2nd.

A friend of mine sent me posts she had shared in a BLEACH group on the Telegram platform.

She spoke about her adult Autistic Son in Kerri Riveras BLEACH group, see below.

I discovered that Rachel is a respected artist, see below.

I also discovered that she and her husband Graham run a successful business in Helston Cornwall, see Trevena Cross Nurseries below.

I phoned Rachel at the number listed on her Artists Facebook page but she never picked up, I left a voice message.

I was hoping I may convince her to stop abusing her adult Autistic Son with BLEACH.

I reported Rachel to Cornwall Police and they told me that they visited Rachels home and confiscated the MMS BLEACH product, they told me they had also made a referral to Social Services.

Last Monday Rachel phoned me, she asked me if I was the Woman that reported her to the Police, I said yes.

I again tried to convince her to stop poisoning her Autistic Son, she was laughing down the phone and didn’t care.

She kept saying that MMS wasn’t BLEACH.

She even offered to send me pictures of her Son’s intestinal tissue which she believes to be worms and parasites.

This Mother is well respected in her community, she is educated and successful.

She thinks it is okay to poison her Autistic Son with BLEACH.

I told Rachel I was recording our call and I’m so glad I did.

Listen to this awful Woman here.

Most of the parents abusing their Autistic children in BLEACH groups on Telegram hide their identity and do not use photos of themselves as profile pics, however Rachel is a proud BLEACHER.

It’s not often I find parents in the UK doing this so publicly especially after all the warnings that have been put out there.

I want people to see what a BLEACHER looks like.

Rachel is not poor or uneducated, she is a conspiracy theorist who is anti science and anti facts.

The public should know that Trevena Cross Nurseries is run by a BLEACHER!

Please share this blog.


All these parents torturing their children should be prosecuted.


MMS BLEACH Peddler Gregorio Placeres Living The Good Life In Ohio Off The Backs Of Autistic Children

I have recently reported MMS BLEACH peddler Gregorio Placeres to the Police and FDA in Ohio.

Gregorio tells parents that he can CURE Autism with the toxic BLEACH product MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) also known as CD (Chlorine Dioxide)

This BLEACH product is not fit for human consumption, it is banned in many Countries including Ireland where I live.

My activism has led to MMS being banned in Ireland since 2016.

Read MMS FDA warning here.

Autistic children are FORCED to drink this BLEACH all day long and FORCED to endure burning BLEACH enemas.

Side effects include vomiting, seizures, diarrhoea, breathing difficulties, liver and kidney failure and death.

BLEACH enemas cause Autistic children to shed intestinal tissue and mucus, see below.

Gregorio is a failed singer.

He is NOT a doctor or Autism specialist.

Gregorio is originally from Puerto Rico but now resides in Ohio.

See Gregorios album ‘Jesus’ from the 1990’s below.

Gregorio is a quack I thought had disappeared, I exposed his MMS BLEACH scam back in 2014.

He has been very abusive towards me in the past, see below.

I can’t believe he is still torturing Autistic children with BLEACH today.

Gregorio has created a BLEACH business, he uses bogus tools to dupe parents and presents himself as an Autism expert.

See his brand below.

He uses logos like the MMS elephant and jigsaw puzzle ribbon, see below.

Gregorio even has a uniform with these disgusting logos, see below.

His logo says Autism is recoverable.

Autism is NOT a disease nor recoverable!

Gregorio has several social media platforms.

His biggest platform is his very large Facebook group SCSINFO-AUTISM.

This group has 15,435 members.

See names of his admins below.

Gregorio also has platforms on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Gregorio even mixes up these toxic chemicals in his kitchen at his home in Grove City Ohio.

Gregorio is abusing Autistic children for profit.

Please see images of the side effects of ingesting MMS BLEACH below.

Gregorio travels overseas with his BLEACH scam and works with other quacks including his daughter Lexi, see below.

Gregorio lives a great life, travel, fancy food and so many cocktails!

All paid for by torturing Autistic children with BLEACH!

See some screenshots of Gregorio enjoying his success from abusing vulnerable children below.

Think about all the Autistic children that suffered for his lifestyle.

Then there are the fancy shoes and visits to the beauty parlour, see below.

Gregorio puts up bogus reports of Autistic children he claims to have cured.

Their faces are displayed on his social media platforms, see below.

Gregorio likes to drink his own urine, see below!

When I was researching Gregorio I came across disturbing posts on his Facebook page, see below.

These posts led to me a video of a Benedictine nun who is involved in this MMS BLEACH scam, see below.

Sister Teresa Forcades has been promoting MMS since 2012, see screenshots below.

Teresa has attended MMS seminars and even visited Ireland in 2015 where she was presented as a feminist and political activist, see below.

Teresa Forcades is also a medical Doctor which makes this ten times worse.

The MMS BLEACH cult even advertise her on their website, see below.

Forcades lives in a monastery in Barcelona, see below.

The Catholic church must be aware of her vile and criminal behaviour as she certainly does not hide it.

There are plenty videos, posts of her promoting this banned and toxic BLEACH scam over the past eight years.

I reported Gregorio to the Police in Columbus Ohio yesterday.

Last night I received a video call on Facebook messenger whilst sleeping.

It was from Gregorio and his daughter Lexi, they abused and threatened me.

See screenshot I managed to take of them whilst they verbally attacked me below.

I am sending this blog to the FDA in Ohio whom I have engaged with earlier today.

This charlatan must be stopped, all his social media platforms must be disabled immediately.

He must be held accountable for his crimes against vulnerable children.

I am exhausted and traumatised.

We must END this ABUSE.

We must PROTECT Autistic children.

Please report Gregorio Placeres social media platforms.

Please share this blog.

Thanks for your support.


Croatian Bleach Quack Makes Autistic Son Thank Bleach Peddling Monster Kerri Rivera And Operates Facebook Group That Tortures Autistic Kids!

Helena Begenisic Schlachter has been giving the banned and toxic BLEACH product MMS to her two Autistic Sons Daniel and Filip for many years now.

Helena tells parents to poison their Autistic children with this BLEACH and other quackery.

Helena was admin in head BLEACHER Kerri Riveras CD Autism Facebook group that we got shut down.

Kerri Rivera now operates her BLEACH scam on the Telegram platform.

Helena started her own BLEACH group in Croatia, see below.

We reported Helena to the authorities in Croatia but they did not act.

She continues to experiment on her Autistic children with quackery.

The Recent video of her poor Son Daniel is heartbreaking.

He is forced to thank BLEACH monster Kerri Rivera and talks about being on an Iodine protocol now, see below.

Daniel is just ten years old, his brother Filip is also being fed bleach and other quackery.

See these poor boys with Kerri Rivera and their sister below.

Helena loves to share pictures of her Autistic childrens insides after they receive burning BLEACH enemas, see below.

Autistic children shed intestinal tissue after they receive burning BLEACH enemas.

Helena tells parents that these INTESTINAL TISSUES are worms and parasites.

However in a phone call to me in 2016 she admitted that she was lying and said Autistic children are shedding intestinal tissue and mucus after they suffer these horrific BLEACH enemas.

Hear Helena admit this here.

Helena and her husband used to operate an Adventure Park in Croatia, I’m not sure if they still do.

I suffered a lot of harassment from Helena when reporting her and she even accused me of murder and said I had been jailed many times, see below.

This is serious defamation yet Helena threatened me with legal action because I protect children from being poisoned with BLEACH, see the letter I received from her Lawyer in 2016 below.

I’ve also received crazy emails and awful abuse online.

Croatian Health Authorities warn the public not to take MMS BLEACH yet they are allowing this quack, a Mother with no medical training whatsoever to dish out quack medical advice and ask money for same, see below.

Helena says she has received 1300 emails, see below.

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Greally A Bully Who Defames Autistic Activists

As promised I’m sharing the disgusting bullying and defamation I’ve suffered from so called Autistic activist John Greally.

People can learn more about him here.

It started in 2018, learn more here and here.

See Greally’s recent slander and hate shared in his Facebook group in screenshots below.

Emma Dalmayne, Maqqi and Lindsay support this bullying and slander.

Of course it’s a closed group and they thought this would not get back to me.

Kieron Rose Greally’s colleague likes to defame and harass me also, see below.

They claim they are inclusive but target and bully anyone that doesn’t obey their rules.

I’m not standing for it any longer and Autistic people need to be aware of their bullying.

Two of their groups are The Autistic Co-operative (TAC) and Autism Inclusivity.

I’ve asked Greally to apologise for his disgusting behaviour where he compares me to an ‘Autism Mom’

A term used to describe Mothers that give quack treatments to their Autistic children.

It is the most disgusting and slanderous thing to say about me.

I’ve been campaigning for six years, protecting Autistic children from quack treatments.

Read about my campaign work here.

I will not allow my good name to be smeared this way by keyboard warriors.

Thank you for reading and be safe Autistic community.

Large Telegram Group ‘Brasil MMS’ BLEACH Group ABUSING Autistic Children, Animals And The Seriously Ill.

This is my last MMS BLEACH blog of 2019.

**Trigger Warning Upsetting Images**

Most MMS BLEACH platforms have been shut down on Facebook, YouTube etc.

However Telegram are now facilitating this ABUSE.

Kerri Rivera and her cohorts have several groups on Telegram, read more here.

But none are as large as Brasil MMS.

I discovered Brasil MMS by chance yesterday whilst looking at a small group on Telegram called MMS Health.

They advertised Brasil MMS there.

Brasil MMS seems to be operated by members of the Genesis II Church BLEACH cult.

See two Genesis II operators of this large BLEACH group below.

First meet Leo Araujo.

Leo is abusing his children with BLEACH.

He even has a video of his young child mixing these toxic chemicals, watch here.

See some screenshots of Leo sharing his childrens intestinal tissue after they received burning BLEACH enemas below.

Leo is telling people to poison their Autistic children with BLEACH and tells those with serious diseases like Cancer to ingest MMS BLEACH also.

See some of Leo’s victims below, sadly animals are being abused too.

Next is Sanderson Oliveira.

Sanderson is admin of this lethal BLEACH group and a ‘bishop’ of the Genesis II Church BLEACH cult.

Sanderson advises victims in the group.

Another admin is Fatima Montenegro.

See her childrens insides in screenshots below.

See Fatimas disgusting video of more intestinal tissue here.

Bright red bloody intestinal tissue.

These quacks are targeting poor people with Malaria also.

Tiny babies are being poisoned with BLEACH, see below.

This group has over 1500 members and growing.

What is worrying is how children are being used to advertise MMS BLEACH.

Like seen in these images below.

I found a video of a child seriously sick and distressed after ingesting MMS, upsetting viewing here.

Ana shares a BLEACH protocol for animals below.

Daniel Baia handles the MMS shopping channel below.

See some more upsetting posts from this group below.

Telegram must be exposed and these abusive groups shut down.

I have campaigned for six years and helped ban MMS in Ireland.

We need governments to act and shut down all operations belonging to these child abusers, these unscrupulous charlatans.

I know this blog contains upsetting images but think about those being abused, how they feel.

As the saying goes.

Seeing is believing.





Thank you for your support

Happy New Year.

Over and out!

Fiona πŸ’žπŸ¦„πŸ’ž

Surviving Christmas

Christmas brings much joy but can also bring much sorrow.

We try our best to smile and be festive but most families are burying some kind of pain.

There is a pressure placed on us as we desperately try to bring everyone together.

This is when the sadness sets in.

If you come from a fragmented family you will understand.

I get very sad this time of year.

And that is perfectly fine.

I think we should embrace this sadness and not bury it.

I miss people in my life, some of them are living which makes it even harder.

Truth is they walked out and never returned.

You try to reach them, hoping they will change, hoping they will say sorry.

You count the years, Christmas gives you hope but nothing arrives.

As they grow older, hope fades.

I watch the Father of my beautiful children be the best Dad in the world.

This brings me much joy.

I miss not having a Dad.

What was wrong with me, how could a parent be so cold?

The Father and Daughter bond is special.

I see my Daughter’s smiling and laughing with their Dad, I gaze on in wonder.

How lucky they are, to have such a kind, caring and loving Dad.

I remember Christmas as a child, it was marred by violence and fear.

My Mother did her best for us all.

Every Christmas I think about him, I think maybe this will be the year.

The year he will send a card, pick up the phone.

Ask me what his five beautiful Grandchildren are like.

You see there is a void in my heart.

Pride can be a curse, I forgive but I fear we will never see each other again.

My favourite memory with you is this.

We will always have that Father.

This Christmas cry, embrace the pain.

It is okay to be sad πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

2019 Xmas Quackers

2019 is coming to an end.

I’ve been campaigning against quackery and racism for many years now and 2019 has been my toughest year so far.

A year that delivered the most vile abuse and harassment, court cases and more.

I campaign on a voluntary basis, I fight to protect diversity and acceptance.

Autistic people suffer so much abuse, experimentation and discrimination.

Unscrupulous charlatans experiment on Autistic children and adults with unproven and dangerous quackery. Bogus diets, supplements, chelation, HBOT, GcMAF, MMS BLEACH and more.

The Anti-Vaccine movement spew deadly LIES, telling parents not to vaccinate their children, claiming vaccines cause Autism.

78 deaths from the PREVENTABLE disease Measles have recently occurred in Samoa.

The Far-Right supports the Anti-Vaccine movement, they also support charlatans that prey on vulnerable people.

I have suffered lots of abuse online from quacks and Anti-Vaxxers but the abuse/harassment I’ve received from the Far-Right has been horrendous.

I’ve reported this harassment to the Gardai (Irish police) and they are investigating as we speak.

2019 started with me winning part of an ongoing court case.

Ben Gilroy tried to bring an injunction against me but failed.

This court case was incredibly difficult, even more disturbing was the mob that turned up to support Gilroy in court.

This mob included convicted MMS BLEACH peddler Patrick Merlehan, Anti-Vaxxer/BLEACH advocate Jim Corr, a fake Psychologist, Anti-Vaxxers, and Far-Right creep Rowan Croft aka Grand Torino.

I attended my court case with just my husband and my legal team, fighting for my right to protect Autistic children.

This mob jeered at me, it was pure intimidation.

My campaign work led me to exposing and reporting a large Anti-Vaccine/Vitamin C quack group on Facebook in January/February.

In February I exposed and reported a quack who was giving MMS BLEACH to disabled children in an orphanage in Ghana.

In March I exposed Gemma O’Doherty and her vile group ACI (Anti Corruption Ireland)

In March I also exposed and reported an Amazon employee and his wife who were giving MMS BLEACH to their children.

April was about raising awareness regarding Far-Right quack Gemma O’Doherty, she ran in EU elections and didn’t succeed.

Gemma threatened me and my family in March, she was reported to the Gardai at the time.

May led my campaign work to a shocking discovery.

50,000 vulnerable people in Uganda were being poisoned with MMS BLEACH.

I reported the Global Healing Christian Missions to the Authorities.

The Guardian did follow up stories.

These charlatans were arrested and thousands of people were saved.

In May I also exposed convicted quack David Noakes.

In June I exposed another quack Autism facebook group, Autism Biomedical Treatments.

In July we held a protest against Gemma O’Doherty and her Far-Right minions.

In July I also exposed Gemma O’Doherty Supporters group on facebook.

August was all about head BLEACHER Kerri Rivera and how Telegram are allowing her platforms to ABUSE and TORTURE Autistic children.

I reported Kerri Rivera to the Police in Bremerhaven Germany and I’m delighted to confirm that they are now investigating her for her crimes against the most vulnerable.

In September I exposed BLEACHER Mom Laurel Austin.

In October I wrote about Irelands upcoming Hate Speech laws.

December I exposed Far-Right Niall McConnell who was allowed to spew hate at the European Parliament recently.

December I also wrote one of my most upsetting blogs to date, the totally PREVENTABLE deaths of now 78 babies and children in Samoa from Measles.

Some achievements I’m proud of this year include helping shut down facebook pages and groups of the most vile and dangerous quack Amanda Mary Jewell.

I’ve been reporting Jewell to the Authorities in the UK, US, Mexico and Belize over the past six years.

I worked with Business Insider media site, they sent all my concerns about Jewell to Facebook.

During the Summer I cried happy tears as I watched Jewell’s facebook pages and groups disappear.

I’ve seen so many vulnerable children and adults suffer at the hands of this quack, I’ve sadly witnessed many deaths due to her experimentation and exploitation.

Learn more about Jewell here and here.

YouTube has finally listened to our concerns and have banned MMS BLEACH videos on their platform recently.

My campaign work has recently featured in a French TV report about quackery.

December also saw Transference Healing scam being exposed in the Sunday World Newspaper.

Then came my important court case against a Scientology staff member from the Scientology community centre at Firhouse Dublin.

This staff member had made abusive and threatening calls to me in 2017.

Nathan Moore was found guilty and was given a 3 month jail term, it would be suspended on the conditions that he keep the peace for two years and that the Scientology centre pay 10,000 euros to an Irish Autism charity.

I believe it to be the first criminal conviction against Scientology in Ireland.

Read more here and here.

2019 has been busy, it’s a year that I’ve suffered much harassment and also much victory.

I’m disgusted by the inaction of governments worldwide who continue to ignore the dangers of racism, abuse and quackery.

Look how hard we have to work (UNPAID) to protect children and vulnerable people in our society.

To all the brave activists that fought with me and supported me this year (you know who you are), THANK YOU!


Many thanks to the compassionate and brave journalists who listened to my concerns and stood with the Autistic community.

Special thanks to Ed Pilkington from the Guardian, Tom Porter from Business Insider and Patrick O’Connell from the Sunday World.

Finally I could not have achieved all this without my beautiful husband Tim and my darling children by my side.

Also much love and thanks to my beautiful Mum Una who has always believed in me πŸ’ž

I fight so hard because I want my beautiful children to inherit a better and safer world.

Tim, Dillon, Vito, Romy, Sienna and Phoebe, I love you so much πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

To my darling best friends Yvonne Whelan and Sinead Larkin, thank you for holding me this year.

I love you both very much xxx

Special thanks also to Simon, you’ve been so good to me this year xxx

Happy Xmas, be safe and love each other.

Love and much gratitude Fiona xxx