Ex Policeman Anthony Carlin Involved in Toxic BLEACH Product MMS


Please see letter of complaint which I sent to the Police Ombudsman in Nothern Ireland below.

Dear Sir/Madam

I am making a complaint regarding an ex policeman.

His name is Thomas Anthony Carlin from County Antrim.

Read about Anthony Carlin in link below.


A serving policeman who allegedly threatened to arrest one of Northern Ireland’s most senior judges is set to be prosecuted by the Attorney General.

I am an Autism campaigner and campaign against unproven and unregulated Autism treatments.

One of these ‘treatments’ is the toxic bleach product MMS.

I was part of an RTE Primetime documentary that reported on this dangerous product MMS, please see this documentary in link below.


The CD Protocols abuse of autistic children exposed… Proof that we need regulation and legislation of all unproven, unscientific, unlicensed and dangerous so called …

RTE went undercover and secretly filmed people who make and sell this toxic bleach product MMS.

RTE were not aware at the time of filming that one of the people in their secret filming was policeman Thomas Anthony Carlin.

Carlin advoctes this toxic bleach MMS as a cure for Autism, Carlin was a serving Police officer at the time of this RTE filming in 2015.

Carlin has his face blurred out in this documentary but RTE have confirmed it is the ex policeman Anthony Carlin.

Carlin can be seen in this documentary between 6 and 20 minutes in promoting this bleach and says he is looking for a child to work with and he wont be emotional about it.

Please see clips exposing Carlin in link below.


MMS bleach is a poison and anyone advocating it as a ‘treatment’ for children is guilty of child abuse.

The Gardai and HPRA are investigating many people involved in this abusive practise and Carlin must also be investigated.

I have screenshots of Anthony Carlin promoting this bleach as a cure for Autism on social media, I am attaching them to this email.

Carlin has also threatened to smash my face in, I have reported these threats to the Gardai.

Carlin could still be involved in MMS but the fact that he was a serving policeman and was giving this bleach to Autistic children is shocking, it is a heinous crime.

The HPRA are prosecuting those involved with this bleach product MMS, last year I was a witness in a court case regarding Patrick Merlehan.

Merlehan was found guilty of manufacturing and selling MMS, read in link below.


Dodgy self-declared Irish ‘bishop’ caught selling toxic miracle cure

I hope you can deal with this serious complaint quickly.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Fiona O’Leary

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