Exposing The Dangerous Nation Of Islam/Scientology Cocktail!

I recently fell upon a Facebook group called Dianetically Speaking, see below.

This group is operated by members of the extremist group Nation Of Islam.

I have already written about Nation Of Islam working with Scientology and the anti vaccine movement, read about this concerning issue here.

Nation Of Islam and the Scientology cult are infiltrating communities, they are on a mission to brainwash society with their bogus quackery and hate filled propaganda.

I decided to pose some questions to the members of the Dianetically Speaking Facebook group recently.

I am already aware of Scientology and Nation Of Islams crazy beliefs but I thought it would be an interesting exercise and boy was I right.

Please see my post and comments that followed in screenshots below.

Two comments came from Mothers of Autistic children, one Mother called Colleen Marie admitted to being a Scientologist and made vile comments about Autism.

Colleen believes that vaccines cause Autism.

Vaccines DO NOT cause Autism and this has been SCIENTIFICALLY proven countless times.

Colleen speaks about a quack from MIT, this is the one and only Stephanie Seneff who featured in the anti vaccine propaganda film VAXXED.

Seneff claimed that Autism rates will rise to 80 percent in males by the year 2030 and Colleen says there will be no men left to carry out important jobs such as fire fighters and the army etc.

Seneff is also working with the MMS BLEACH monster Kerri Rivera, read about this here.

Colleen is basically saying Autistic people will never amount to anything, they will never fill the role of a fire fighter or a soldier.

What utter garbage!

Yes Autistic people have challenges and these vary from one Autistic person to the next, there are no two Autistic people the same.

I am on the Autism spectrum and two of my Sons also.

To say my Sons will never get employment or amount to anything is disgusting.

I am watching my Sons flourish, one of them is getting top marks in school, my other Son is starting a job very soon.

I also discovered that Colleen is not just spewing nonsense about vaccines but also endorsing quack treatments and even supporting dangerous quacks like Amanda Mary Jewell.

Amanda Mary Jewell is wanted by the UK authorities for selling the toxic bleach product MMS and unregulated blood product GcMAF to seriuosly ill people and Autistic children.

Colleen shared Amanda Marys post, see below.

Colleen also promotes the vile organisation AutismOne who also endorse unapproved, dangerous bogus treatments like MMS, GcMAF, Chelation, HBOT and more.

See Colleens quack posts below.

This is a member of the Scientology cult accepting and promoting dangerous unapproved treatments but vehemently against life saving vaccinations.

It is absolutely insane!

However this is what Scientology and Nation Of Islam endorse.

Looking through the Dianetically Speaking Facebook group I found so many posts promoting dangerous pseudoscience.

Members of Nation Of Islam can be seen with their certificates from courses they have completed with the Scientology cult, see below.

Some members have completed Auditing courses, others the dangerous purification rundown programme and some have reached the state of Clear.

Big celebrations happened recently when a Nation Of Islam Sister was awarded her certificate for Clear, see below.

She is the first ‘Sister’ to have achieved this apparently.

Fu Mei wife of Scientology whale Jim Mathers can be seen with this Sister below.

A whale is someone who donates large amounts of money to the Scientology Cult.

Mathers was photographed at the recent Scientology IAS event in the UK with Tony Muhammad of Nation Of Islam, both can be seen celebrating the opening of the new Irish Org at Firhouse Dublin, see below.

We also see posters of Nation Of Islam representatives claiming that Scientologys bogus treatments can ‘treat’ mental illness, one such bogus treatment is ‘Assists’, see below.

Read about this quackery here.

There are various types of ‘Assists’, one is the ‘Touch Assist’ which involves ‘touching’ people in a bid to heal them.

They claim ‘Assists’ can make drunk people sober and even bring people out of a coma.

This is batshit crazy and poses a serious risk to those with serious health issues.

Nation of Islam are calling ‘Assists’ modern day healing for mental health.

One of the members of the Dianetically Speaking Facebook group is Rizza Islam, Rizzas real name is Ronnie.

Rizza said he would be happy to answer some questions for me.

I sent Rizza some questions on Facebook messenger.

On researching Rizza Islam I discovered he is the Son of Alfreddi Johnson.

Alfreddi was one of the first African Americans to join Scientology, he also managed to get singer Isaac Hayes wrapped up in this cult.

Alfreddi also introduced leader of Nation Of Islam Louis Farrakhan to Scientology.

Rizza and his family have a very murky past with investigations into fraud.

I posed 10 questions to Rizza and was expecting bizarre responses but not to the extent of absolutely insane!

Rizza told me vaccines cause Autism and that science proves this.

His scientific source was the one and only fraud Andrew Wakefield and his propaganda cult VAXXED.

Nation of Islam have been working with the anti vaccine movement for some time now.

They believe vaccines are deliberately targeting the African American community, they compare vaccines to genocide and believe they are trying to cull African American children.

He told me Autism is a condition caused by metal toxicity.

He said it can be cured with alternative ‘treatments’ like Chelation.

He even endorsed the toxic bleach product MMS and mentioned the name of a woman who could help me with information regarding MMS.

This woman is Michelle Maher Ford, see her below.

He told me he had worked with an Autistic boy and even given him the dangerous purification rundown.

Rizza told me that purification rundowns can heal many conditions.

He told me that Nation of Islam have 1000 Auditors.

Leader of Nation Of Islam Louis Farrakhan wants every African American to join the Scientology cult, see below.

Scientology are working their way into many groups in our society but they could not have chosen a more dangerous, misinformed and hate filled group to work with.

Nation of Islam are also anti LGBT.

Rizzas replies to my questions regarding homosexuality were disgusting and downright shocking.

It shows how ignorant and backward the Nation of Islam are.

I know many religious group have problems with homosexuality but I believe Nation of Islam get the Oscar for being most stupid when it comes to this issue.

Rizza told me that you are not born gay, it is something one catches!

Yes this is what he said to me.

The causes of homosexuality are Cannabis and wait for it, Soy!

Yes Soy sauce makes you gay!

I said does this apply for both men and women and he said yes, soy makes men feminine and women masculine.

I told him we love our Soy sauce and he suggested we stop eating it!

What a CRAZY thing to say and how insulting to the LGBT community.

He also said homosexuality can be cured!

He told me to listen to his colleague Wesley Muhammad and suggested I watch a lecture titled ‘how to make a homosexual’

Rizza gave many more bizarre comments in my interview with him but he did not finish our conversation, probably because he realised that I was not supporting his vile cult.

Please see screenshots of my conversation with Rizza Islam below.

I am ENRAGED by this deluded fool and his vile cult Nation of Islam.

The fact that they have joined forces with the Scientology cult makes them twice as dangerous.

Tiny children are being brainwashed by these two cults, poisoned with bogus therapies, deprived of professional care and life saving vaccinations and medications.

These cults are ABUSING children and vulnerable people FACT.

I then decided to call one of the Nation Of Islam quacks advertised on Facebook.

His name is ‘Dr’ Alim of My Abundant Health, see his Facebook page here.

He is offering bogus treatments and some vile looking green cake, see below.

I rang his clinic in Maryland US posing interest undercover and spoke to his colleague.

The green cake was recommended to help ‘treat’ Autism along with other quackery.

This clinic also states that vaccines cause Autism and directed me to VAXXED.

An appointment with these quacks would cost 175 dollars.

I recorded this crazy call, listen here.

Nation of Islam and Scientology are INSANE and their criminal behaviour must be reported to the authorities.

I have some comfort knowing that the Irish authorities and police are investigating Scientology orgs in Ireland and a criminal investigation has begun in recent weeks.

I hope this will address their vile behaviour and lead to legislation to protect our loved ones and put an end to these cults for good.

Other groups need to join forces to tackle cults like Nation of Islam and Scientology, especially the LGBT community, disabled community and those with mental health issues.

These cults are already abusing the vulnerable in our society and all of us have a duty to protect our children and fellow man.

Nation Of Islam and Scientology are also profiting hugely with their scams and are nothing more than FRAUDS!

Remember Soy sauce does NOT make you gay!

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